This list of definitions is sure to grow, but here are a few to get you started on your way to a better understanding of vaping. There are even some chuckles involved... it seems as though a lot of vaping terms can be taken the wrong way: "Are you dripping?" "Suck my mod." "Can I taste your juice?"

Someday, I might even alphabetize it...

APV = acronym Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Box Mod = jargon A mod built into a box shape. Typically these will hold either more batteries to supply either a longer lasting device, a higher power device, or will contain batteries and a circuit board and display allowing fine control of the device

Mod = jargon, abbreviation Stands for modification. Initially, personal vaporizers were simple devices that did not provide much vapor or flavor. Early vapers (and current vapers) modify devices to deliver better flavor, more power, more vapor, and safety

E-Liquid = jargon Liquid typically containing propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. Also called E-Juice or just Juice

VG = acronym Vegetable Glycerin

PG = acronym Propylene Glycol

XXmg = jargon XX being a number, often 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 and referring to the milligrams per milliliter of nicotine in the juice. Not all juices contain nicotine.

X.X% = jargon X.X being the numerical amount, in percent, of an E-Liquid's concentration of nicotine

Nic = jargon, abbreviation Nicotine

VV/VW Mod = acronym, jargon Variable Voltage and/or Variable Wattage Mod

RTA = acronym Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

RBA = acronym Rebuildable Atomizer

RDA = acronym Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Mech = abbreviation Short for mechanical. A mod that is nothing more than a battery, a connector and a button to complete the circuit through the atomizer. When using these, practice battery safety.

Mech Mod = jargon See mech and mod.

Vapemail = jargon Since vape shops are few and far between, a great deal of vaping gear and juice is delivered via USPS or UPS or FedEx.

Vaper/s = jargon A person or a group of people that vape. Not to be confused with vapor.

B&M = abbreviation/acronym Brick and Mortar. A physical vape shop.

Dripper = jargon Refers to either a person using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or the atomizer itself. Example: "I see you're a dripper." or  "What kind of dripper do you have there."

18650/18350/26650/14500/18490/18500/etc. = jargon Refers to battery used inside a mod. Typically, the first two digits reference the battery's diameter. The second set of digits reference the battery's height. An 18650 battery is 18mm in diameter and 65mm tall. These are sold in many configurations with button tops, flat tops, protected and unprotected, and with different chemistries. Select a reputable dealer and IMR chemistry ((LiMn) which is considered safer than ICR (LiCoO2)) batteries with a high discharge rate. Also ensure that the device you are using is compatible with the battery you are purchasing - forcing a button-top battery into an enclosure or using a flat-top battery where a button top is required can lead to problems.

eGo = jargon Refers to both a battery and an atomizer connector. The connector on the device is threaded on the outside and the inside. The connector on the atomizer is threaded on the inside only. The central body is negative on the outside and houses a positive pin.

510 = jargon Refers to a type of atomizer connector.The connector on the mod is threaded on the inside only. The atomizer is threaded on the outside only. The outside of the device is the negative, and inside the device is found a positive pin which may or may not be adjustable or spring-loaded (floating).

808 = jargon Refers to a type of atomizer connector typically found on cigalikes.

Cigalikes = jargon A personal vaporizer that is made to look like a cigarette. The primary body of the device houses a battery and an LED for that glowing tip effect. The filter portion contains the atomizer and e-liquid, typically already soaked into a wicking material.

Squonker = Jargon A device typically consisting of a bottom fed RDA (wherein the center pin has a hole bored through it allowing e-liquid to be fed from below) and a box mod which includes a soft plastic bottle with a tube inside connected to the base of the 510 pin.