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Quick Coil Poster by TheControlledCoil
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Heat 'em up poster
Heat 'em up poster by TheControlledCoil
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An open letter to AAA Insurance

FDA Deeming Red Regs have dropped

Common sense ain't so common

Vacation Planning

What's up with TC (pt 1)
What's up with TC (pt 2)

The best of 2015 and some predictions

Not so obsolete after all...

Nickel's day is over

Vape Collection as of March 8, 2015
The vape gear as of March 8, 2015. This pic has, from left to right and from top to bottom, an iClear 30 tank, a SMOK VV eGo with an Anyvape Davide tank fitted with a Kanger Airflow Collar, a PUFF eGo with another Anyvape Davide tank and Kanger Airflow Collar, and iStick 20 VV/VW  with a Kamry X6 tank, an EHPro Copper Overdose 18650 mech mod with a matching copper EHPro LB RDA, a Kamry K100 original (has a cartomizer and drip shield), a Maraxus mech with a Kanger Subtank Mini, a Kamry K100 with a Rocket RTA, and a Kamry K1000 e-Pipe mech mod.

Battery Safety in the News

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association

Spinfuel - one of my favorite vaping news sources

A good read: I will never smoke again, unless my government makes me

Arkansas is trying to sneak a shell bill loaded with anti-vaping through the legislaturehttp://blog.casaa.org/2015/03/arkansas-call-to-action-urgent-oppose.html

Vaping not a "gateway" to the use of traditional cigarettes

Respiratory harm reversal seen in asthmatic smokers on e-cigarettes

Arkansas Bill to tax juice

California Vapers Under Fire

Boca Raton Vapers Threatened

Vaping Side Affects

Pennsylvania Faces 40% Tax

Suffer the Children - including a link to an article from The Hill

Arkansas is trying to label vaping as smoking, vaporizers as cigarettes

California vapers fight back!

The Ultimate List of Vape Studies

14 stories to shame the critics

An open letter to Senators Merkely, Blumenthal, Warren, and Markey

Battery Safety in the News

Daily vape update for March 9, 2015 - includes vapemail, and a rant

Suffer the Children, a vape rant

Vapemail for March 30, 2015

The collection as of March 30, 2015. From left (facing) to right, Puff eGo with an iClear 30, iStick with a Lemo, EHPro Copper Overdose with an EHPro LB RDA, K100 with an Anyvape Davide BDC Glassomizer, Altoids mod V2 with a Rocket RTA, Hades with a 26650 Plume Veil, Altoids mod V1, another K100 with another Anyvape Davide BDC, Maraxus with a Kanger Subtank Mini, 3xAA battery mini mod, SMOK Aro VV eGo with a cartomizer, drip shield and drip tip. Not pictured is the Octopus RDA, and the Tobh V3 RDA. In front is the K1000 e-pipe mod.

Vapemail: The hits just keep on coming

Vapemail: Another great day courtesy of the USPS

The search for the perfect beginner vape kit begins

VAPEMAIL: Update for April 24, 2015

VAPEMAIL: Update for May 2, 2015

VAPERANT: Read the manual...

Game Changers

Unintended benefits

Vape collection as of July 20, 2015

Vape update 9/30/2015

A brand new love affair with 430 Grade Stainless Steel Wire

VAPERANT: Aspire is loco!

Keep ALL forms of vaping relevant!

Battery Safety in the News