Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gemz Prime Mover RTA

The Gemz Prime Mover RTA is a much underappreciated tank.

While it's not the best cloud chucker, it does provide a decent restricted lung hit and reasonable clouds. The chimney and chamber make it unsuited for mouth-to-lung vaping styles although the air can be cut down that low. Neither is it an insane flavor producer, but the flavor off of it is good... a little above average. The build deck is a little cramped due to some air flow directing tabs, and a small 3mm clapton or 3.5mm round wire build is about all that will fit, and it's dual coil only. Further, the deck is an angled two-post, two hole deck. The drip tip is integrated and not changeable, but an 810 drip tip will fit inside of - stacked on - what's already there.

Reading back, all that I've written so far make is sound subpar, yet I maintain that it's underappreciated. Why? Why do I keep reaching for it when I have more tanks that any sane person needs?

The fill method! Rather, the fill methods - plural.

There are two ways this tank can be configured. Neither configuration offers an advantage in terms of capacity. The two configurations change the height of the tank and the fill method. In the standard configuration, the tank is tallish, measuring 48mm from the base to the top of the drip tip (excluding the 510). In shorty mode. it's about 6.2mm less than that. The tank is 24mm in diameter regardless of the mode.

In tall mod, the tank develops a bit of an hourglass figure with a skinnier section just above the glass section. The top cap, in this configuration, is spring loaded. A simple press down, and a slight twist to lock it, opens up the fill ports in the top of the tank and juice can be poured in pretty easily. I have used unicorn bottles and glass droppers. I stopped just shy of pouring the juice directly out of the bottle as the chimney and drip tip leave a little lip above.

In short mode, a different chimney is used to lock the top cap in a permanent down position, and it's unscrewed and removed to fill like a vast majority of other tanks. There are two sizable kidney holes for filling.

Oh, and I don't think it looks bad either. It's available in four colorways - Rainbow, Black with silver accents, Gold, and Silver. All of the styles have gold plated decks. It's a short GTA style deck, so some of the gold peeks out.
Mine is the Rainbow...

The deck, as mentioned before, is a little cramped. The tabs on the side serve to push the air to the coil on the bottom and sides. Honestly, there are better implementations of this out there, but this isn't necessarily bad.  The wicking ports are generous enough. With 3mm coils, the tails will need to be thinned out a bit to prevent choking off the juice.

The terminals are set in at an angle. This can lead to the legs of a coil being twisted a bit, but the distortion is less than what would be experienced with most Velocity-style decks where the screws come in perpendicular to the wires. I do like the grub screws. They're beefy, and the sides of the hole are threaded to prevent wire getting trapped anywhere except underneath the grub screws. Being angled up, they are also easy to tighten with a mandrel still in the coils.

I like to build the coils high, snip the leads, then position the coils lower, so that directed air really has a chance of working properly. Positioning the coils higher does open up the air a little, but it also means that wicking is not as efficient, and the flavor is a bit more diffuse. I have had no issues with turbulence with any of my builds. The air is smooth, if a bit restricted, and the vape is smooth and dense.

For this build, I used 2x28/40 SS316L Fused Clapton wire I picked up from Camelot. It's a 6 wrap. 3mm ID, 0.21 Ω build. I am running in TCR mode. I almost always use spaced coils on regulated devices, and ALWAYS use spaced coils when running in any of the TC modes. This wire is pulsed up nicely on the first try with no hot spots at all. The previous build was made with Advanced Vape Supply 3x28/36 SS316L Fused Clapton wire in a 5 wrap, 2.5mm, 0.10 Ω configuration. I have also run a 3mm, 6 wrap, 24AWG SS316L round wire build.

Once coiled, I feed in the cotton, then fold it down into the wick ports and slide the scissors under the GTA deck and snip. After fluffing and combing the ends, I tuck the wick back into the juice ports ensuring that there is no wick stuck in the threads. Having wick stuck in the threads doesn't really affect performance, but can lead to some real difficulty in taking the tank apart later.

I admit to being cheap here. I am using Walgreens organic cotton balls. They are readily available, work well enough for my needs, are inexpensive, and, well, it's what was on my desk while building. I have also used rayon and Labo Puffs Japanese Organic cotton in this tank.

I primed everything, reassembled, fill and vape. I have the mod set to a TCR value of 0.00108, 80 Watts, 440°F. As it's a restricted lung hit, I am able to take a long, slow, flavorful pull and get the same results every time.

In the box, there's a spare glass, a manual, a cleaning cloth, spare 0-rings, grub screws, and coils in a goody bag, and the two chimney/drip tips.

When I first unboxed this, I thought it was going to be a leakfest. I figured that the spring loaded top-fill would lead to bad seals, reduced vacuum, and juice all over the place. Quite the opposite, actually. Over the several months, 4 builds, and about 120ml of e-liquid run through this tank, I have had zero leaks, as in none. I don't even bother closing the AFC down before filling any more. I just push down and twist-lock the top, dump in the juice, release the top and let the spring do it's job, and return to vaping. That's not to say that the cleaning cloth they include is useless... I have had a bit of condensation show up under the tank and I have had to mop it up about two times since starting to use it.

So while there are a lot of cons...

  • 3ml capacity regardless of configuration
  • Restricted air and no MTL capability
  • No single coil option
  • Cramped build deck
  • Kinda funky drip tip setup
  • Similarly funky angled posts
And, only a few pros...

  • Good flavor
  • Nice pacakging
  • Innovative fill method
I maintain that this is a much underappreciated tank. That spring loaded fill method alone is worth the price of admission. The fact that the remainder of the tank works, and works well, is just icing on the cake.

Heaven Gifts sent me this tank for the purposes of this review.