Thursday, May 5, 2016

FDA Deeming

I'm not going to delve into the politics. I'm not going to point a finger. I just want to get some points across.

You can download and read the FDA Deeming document... stay informed!

The FDA Deeming Regulations, as currently submitted (and, no, I did not read the entire 499 page document, but I am working on it) is a death knell. I do not mean a death knell for the vapor industry as it exists today, April 5, 2016. I mean it marks the end of life for millions of Americans. This action will kill them as surely as if they had been lined up in front of a wall in front of a firing squad and the FDA had pulled the trigger itself.

This does not protect children. It kills them. They will continue to pilfer cigarettes from mom and dad. They will continue to buy cigarettes illicitly and illegally. That "skyrocketing increase in the number of teens using vapor products" will revert to a skyrocketing increase in the number of teens using cigarettes. Further, they will continue to be exposed to second and third hand smoke.

Unemployment will also skyrocket along with traditional tobacco use as vape shops close their doors.

Suicides will rise when people that had quit using cigarettes using vapor products and want to stay quit and turn to Chantix (an FDA approved, doctor prescribed solution).

The cost of public healthcare will continue to spiral out of control as treatment continues to be sought for smoking related illnesses.

If ever there was a time to sign a petition, to write a letter, to contact a senator or representative, that time is NOW. Tell them to support the passage of HB2058.

I look to the petition at and see a hair over 29,000 out of the 100,000 needed and wonder why it's not already over 1 million.

Likewise, the number needed on is still short. 

I know it's been a shock. I know it's a lot to take in. Sign the petition first. Digest information later.

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  1. I signed both petitions today. Thanks for posting the information.

    I picked up vaping in Jan 2016 (a little late to the show) and have been cigarette free since after 30+ years of smoking. Now government wants to create regulations that will most likely make vaping less enjoyable and lead to taking it out of the hands of small business owners and handing it over to big money corporations or the tobacco industry.

    Anyone who has been able to quit smoking because of vaping should play some role in supporting the vaping industry and at least sign these two petitions.