Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The problem with temperature control, part deus

Oy, but I am sick and tired of reviewers that don't understand or use temperature control!

Before I fall completely into the rant rabbit hole, I feel that I should supply some backstory. Cue wiggly screen effect and funky music...

I won a mod last week. Hooray! The device is a 100 Watt mod with internal batteries providing 5000 mAh and offers temperature control over Ni200. I have not use or researched this mod before, so I headed over to YouTube to get some nitty and some gritty on the soon-to-be-added-to-the-collection device. Lo, and behold, there were many videos to watch, and I started at the beginning.

Reviewer one: I don't understand all this temp control voodoo, so I'm not going to talk about that.

Reviewer two: I don't like nickel coils, so I didn't test this device in temperature mode.

Reviewer three: I prefer the vape I get with Kanthal, so I didn't bother checking out the temperature control mode on this device.

What? You're reviewers! It's not the job of the reviewer to check out only the features that they like and report back. It is the reviewer's job to check the entire device out and then report and recommend. I'll allow for PG sensitivity or for nickel allergies, but if that's the case, state that in advance... and don't lie about it...

Imagine a reviewer checking out the latest smartphone. Perhaps they make a call, declare that the clarity of the audio is good and recommend the phone based on that alone without ever looking at the screen, the cameras, the WiFi connectivity... Would anyone consider that a viable review?

Maybe, it's a car reviewer. They take a look at the upholstery and declare that it's the best car on the market without ever starting the car. Does that work?

So why is it that in the world of vape do we, as consumers, continue to subscribe to reviewers that do their job halfway?

Don't answer that... it's rhetorical... I know the answer, anyways.

In fairness, I did eventually find reviewers that did test the mod in both modes.

I'll also state that I know I'm not perfect and I miss things, too. In the recent review for the Vaporesso Target, I forgot to talk about the cCell ceramic coils (they're really good, by the way, and according to Vaporesso and VaporShark, they're safe). In the first installment into what is becoming a longish rant on temp control, I stated that 316L SS is the standard in stainless steel on most mods (it's not, it's straight up 316 SS without the L).

Difference is, I'll admit my mistakes and correct them and not whine on about needing to learn one more thing to do my job as a reviewer.

I don't want any drama, by the way. I'm not naming names or calling people out. I just want to be able to find the info I want when I want it without being stymied by reviewers not willing to do their homework.



  1. I too have run into this problem on YouTube... I'm an extreme noob when it comes to temp control... I can't find a video from any of the well known and established folks on the scene and hardly any from the rest of the pack.
    As far as your reviews, rants, and whatever else you post I can be sure of one thing... Your sense of humor is awesome!! I know that I'm going to giggle at least twice while reading each one! More people should be watching/reading what you put out there Shawn! I learn something every time you post a new review or how-to article.

  2. Very well put. I myself hate watching youtube reviewers who dont fully explor the mod. I want to k kw everything about a certain device and not just the fact it vapes great in power mode. I think we all kniw by now power mode works great with 99% of devices. We are entering a new era and its TC. Maybe a good reviewer such as yourself should be highly touted. Keep up the great work.

  3. I've vapes nickel on and off for a while now and would always seem to have a bit of a scratchy throat after a day of using it. Recently I've started to experience allergy like symptoms after a days use; my eyes get itchy and my throat becomes very phlegmy (gross) and had to put it down. As much as I love the vape from a nickel coil, it's too uncomfortable for me to use. Ti is fine and so is SS but NI200 is a no go. It's a bummer as I recently discovered the Eleaf Ni200 coils work great in my aspire compatible tanks on my Snow Wolf 200 and 75 watt. Oh well, there is always SS. Thanks for posting, I'm really enjoying the blog.

  4. I so agree Shawn. I fell behind with reviews lately because they (not yours) were useless. So I have been not wanting to waste my time.
    Thanks for this.