Saturday, February 13, 2016

Drama central

Rip Trippers posted the now infamous electrolyte video about 2 days ago. Since then, he's had a lot of folks pointing fingers and calling names and ridiculing him. Some of the parody videos have been hilarious. Twisted420 drinking Kitty Piddle... lol. Some have been, in my opinion, offensive. Others have been downright stupid.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Opinions are like... well, you know the saying.

Here's mine... opinion, I mean... not the other thing...
I'm a broom maker. I make brooms for a living. I am so very lucky that I have found something I can do that I like doing and that pays most of the bills. My craft also leaves me with enough money left over to buy the occasional piece of vape gear. Since I am self-employed, my schedule is (mostly) mine, and I can find the time to write and record blog posts and reviews.

No, seriously, I make brooms...
The reason I write and record reviews and blog posts is because of the "welcome" I got into vaping. I went to a local shop and was ridiculed for having an eGo pen. They tried to sell me some insane setup that I could not afford and would not have used at that time. I then went online for advice and the initial advice I received was to get a mech and an RDA and learn to build. Or, get a monster box mod and a sub ohm tank. 

I'm also doing this to honor my father. He asked me, on his literal deathbed, to quit smoking. I have not only quit thanks to vaping, but I have helped some others quit with vaping.

The ridicule I did not need, and the advice was bad. If I can save just one person from the kind of sad "welcome" I got into the world of vaping, then I am happy. If I can contribute to bettering just one person's life - getting them off of combustibles - then I am happy.

Just to give you an idea of how committed I am, I have spent countless hours volunteering at a vape shop, teaching newcomers. I was paid in the occasional freebie and in juice, but no money ever changed hands.

So, if Rip Trippers has found a way to make a living doing what he is passionate about, more power too him!

Look... no one is forcing anyone to watch Rip Tripper's videos. No one is coercing likes or subscriptions. With a few rare exceptions, no one is charging anyone for watching his videos (sure, you likely have to pay for Internet access, but if you're only getting Internet access to watch Rip's videos, then that's on you... I am paying for YouTubeRed so I can download videos to watch later and to skip ads, but that applies to all of YouTube, not just Rips' vids). Even if you watch and like and subscribe, you don't have to share. Even if you watch, like, subscribe, and share, you don't have to click the links. Freedom of choice! Hoorah!!

Furthermore, I have had some of the symptoms he mentioned. After a long day of vaping, I do sometimes get some cramps in my calves. I have had the occasional headache from getting nic'ed out. I know that hydration is crucial.

I won't drink water, though. I mean, there are chemicals in water, and I know how bad those are. I mean, it's hydrogen and oxygen, right? Hydrogen is used in making The H Bomb, and oxygen is used in rocket fuel, right?

But seriously, stay hydrated... I don't care if you use any 'ade, or just water, or herbal teas, or electrolytes... just stay healthy.

And speaking of healthy (see what I did there?), it ain't healthy for the vaping community to become so divided and nasty over something so stupid and trivial as what MIGHT have been an affiliate link or a paid review IF such a thing is happening. After all, there are other reviewers out there. I am assuming that you're all adults and if a review is just plain wrong, you'll be able to tell. I also assume that you're smart enough to look at more than just one reviewer before making a purchase.

If not, well, again, that's on you...

As I recall, there was some sort of saying about a house divided. We, as vapers, are being attacked on every side. Some are telling us that this is bad for us and we should stop. Some are telling us that we are marketing to children because we, as adults, should not like anything other than the taste of charred cardboard. Some are telling us that, in order to save the children, these things need to be taxed to death. Let's take some of the vitriol being spewed towards Rip Trippers and direct it in a more constructive direction... Let's get as outraged by the proposed taxes and restrictions and regulations being sent our way.

For the record, I watch Rip Trippers along with about 100 other YouTube reviewers. I find him rather abrasive, but honest. If he were being paid to review products, I doubt he'd point out that the product had nasty, janky threading, mushy, rattling buttons, and was dripping with machine oil. Everything would be a thumbs up.

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  1. I always want to hear you opinion.....even if I may not agree with it, I can relate to you. Thank you again...