Thursday, January 28, 2016

REVIEW: Vape Craft Incorporated E-Liquids

Before I even spout out a disclaimer, I have to admit I did not do due diligence in the video. I was contacted before I went to Colorado to visit my mother, the e-liquids arrived while I was gone. I came home and wanted to get the review out as fast as possible. I mean, after all, this is the first video I've ever had something sent to me solely for the purposes of a review...

Oh, wait, that was most of the disclaimer, wasn't it...

Well, I'll do it again: I received these e-liquids from Vape Craft Incorporated for the purposes of this review. This will in no way alter the outcome of the review.


Early in January 2016, I was contacted by Vape Craft Incorporated about reviewing some e-liquid. The company rep, Jake, wanted to tailor the experience and so he asked what I vaped, how I vaped, and what devices I used. I had told him I was partial to coffee vapes, but I would try any flavor. As a reviewer I used every kind of device, but I preferred RTAs (but I use RDAs for testing). Oh, yeah, and I vape at around 3 nic nowadays, but that I have some tanks that allow me to use as high as 12 nic.

Shortly after these conversations took place, I was called to Colorado to visit my mother for a bit. while I was away, a package arrived for me. Vape Craft Inc. had sent me a package with three 15 ml bottles of e-liquid. The three flavors I received for review include a Banana Custard, a French Vanilla Cheesecake, and a Mean Mocha.

The French Vanilla Cheesecake is described on the site as:

Dessert Fan? You have to try this one! If you are a cheesecake connoisseur try this rich and creamy blend. Packed with tons of flavor this one goes extraordinarily well after a nice meal.

Flavor: Authentic Cheesecake with multiple layers of French Vanilla

Ahem... I corrected their spelling errors...

I'd have to agree. We tried a cheesecake flavor early on and it tasted like feet. Not terribly good... As we make cheesecake using our own cheese (I have said I live on a farm, right?), I know what good cheesecake tastes like, and that first one ain't it. This e-liquid, on the other hand has a pleasant, earthy taste that is tempered with a slight sweetness and a good deal of that French vanilla. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I could cal this an all-day-vape. I even thought about keeping it from Stepdot, and French Vanilla is one of her all time faves.

I caved and let her have a tank. She agrees, it's good. And, she doesn't like much...

I gave this flavor a resounding two thumbs up! Not much more that I can say beyond "get it!"

The next juice in line is the Banana Custard. It's listed as:

For those that enjoy a delicious sweet candy banana taste with a unmistakable pleasant vanilla custard in the background you will highly value this flavor. It is creamy, sweet and undeniably delightful. Take a dip into a pool of custard drizzled in slices of banana and watch your taste buds be amazed. Beyond rational thought or self control you will be astonished with the flavor experience you will receive. 

Flavor: Vanilla Custard Drizzled in Slices of Banana

I typically do not like banana vapes. I find them too reminiscent of the stale Laffy Taffy I had in the bottom of my trick-or-treat bag as a kid. Overly flowery and sweet. Blech! That was not the case here. This was a nice custard - not too eggy - with a hint of ripe banana that was not too sweet and not too strong. The longer I vaped it, the more I liked it. While editing the video, I even inserted a bit of text to that effect. Wow! A banana flavor that I can vape!

I gave this one two thumbs up, but one thumb was a little shaky... For me to give any kind of a positive rating to a banana vape is nothing short of Amazing. Maybe it's the influence of all the Minion movies :-)

Mean Mocha was the last one I tested and the one I was looking forward to most. The website says:

Aw yes the warm and cosy feeling of waking up to a hot cup of jo. You walk into the kitchen, turn on the brewer and before you known you have a hot rich flavor cup of coffee in your cup. Mean mocha flavor by Alternate Cig will give you that warm relaxing feeling. With every sip of your morning roast you are more awake and ready for the day ahead of you. When you vape mean mocha the sensation is greatly multiplied. Good vibes and snazzy jazz music is just a puff away. If you are a true coffee connoisseur then you won't want to miss that high quality mocha taste you get with our mean mocha.

Flavor: Mocha Coffee

Mother Nature is perverse sometimes! This was the one I had been waiting for and this is the one I liked the least. It's not bad. Not at all, but I didn't get a lot of coffee out of it. Instead, I got a hint of sweet chocolate and spice over something else that might have been coffee. I asked Stepdot to try it because she HATES all my coffee vapes, and she said it was OK. Yep... not quite coffee. Again, don't get me wrong, it's good. I did note that of all of them, this had the strongest throat hit. Might have been the spice flavor I was getting. Like someone sprinkled nutmeg on the top of the froth... Additionally, there have been several coffee flavors that I liked and that the people around me did not. The Wife compared one to a cigar. Someone else said one smelled a bit mousy... kinda sourish and generally unpleasant. I still vaped 'em, but I vaped 'em alone. This had no nasty odor, so that's a plus.

I gave this one one-and-a-half thumbs up. I'll vape it in a tank and I might come back and revise this later.

I found the packaging to be adequate if not ornate. The paper stickers that were wrapped neatly around two of the 15 ml plastic bottles and a little crooked on the third contained all the pertinent information: website, social media, warnings, ingredients list, nic level, mix ratio, logo, and flavor. The bottles were clean, sealed with snap-off protective bands under child-resistant tops. No complaints.

The website is easy to navigate, too.

Remember all the way at the beginning? That due diligence thing I was talking about... When I went to website, it was after I recorded the video. It was then that the gotcha got me. I saw the juices listed (the company apparently makes two lines and I never even glanced at the other one as I was reviewing this one), and the price of $15. Eh, I thought, that's terribly high for this 15 ml bottle... maybe for a 30 ml. Then I did a double take. It's $15 for a 120 ml plastic bottle and $17 for a 120 ml glass bottle. That is likely one of the best prices I've seen on any website for any e-liquid in a long, long time. At that price, this is a no-brainer! Check 'em out:


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