Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tootle Puffing for sanity's sake

Every other day, another sub ohm tank hits the market - now with quad coils and sextuple coils and Clapton coils in the heads. On the days when a new sub ohm tank is not announced, a new hard hitting RDA with wide open airflow and massive holes in the positive and negative blocks for insane builds is released. Between those announcements, there's another 200 watt box mod or another triple series box mod released.

It's madness! Madness, I tell you. It's a race to the top... er, well, considering the resistance in the coils is plummeting, maybe it's a race to the bottom... whatever... Those that don't want to run in that race are being left behind.

Don't get me wrong. I like to cloud things up, myself. And Stepdot has stated that now that she's just about done with nicotine, it's the dense vapor that keeps her coming back.

Both Stepdot and I are regularly lung-hitting RDAs (squonkers) or RTAs built in the .2 to .5 Ohm range. Some are on Temperature Control devices, so the vape is cooler, but we keep things tuned so that we're still getting a flavorful, dense vape regardless.

Here are some examples of my daily carry:
  • iStick TC60W with a Melo 2 built to .35 Ohms using Titanium in the Anyvape Furytank RBA. It's set to 30 Watts and 480 degrees F.
  • SMOK XPro M80 Plus with a Fountain V2 squonking atty built with single coil to .14 Ohms. That's an Ni200 build. I know that the M80 is not the best TC box, so I don't tend to chain vape on it, but each vape is a good one!
  • SMOK XCube II with the TFV4. In there, I've got a .9 Ohm 430 SS build. It's set to 40 Watts and 450 degrees. It is nearly a perfect vape for me.
  • iStick 100 with a Kanger Subtank Plus. Inside, I've got a .5 Ohm build in the RBA deck. Nothing flashy, but real effective.
  • DNA40 (Hana clone) with the Subtank Mini V1 and a V2 RBA deck fitted with a .15 Ohm Ni200 coil. It's set to 30 Watts and 480 degrees F.
Most all of these produce clouds. Clouds that, when I'm sitting at the computer or in my easy chair and absently chain vaping, can cloud up a room pretty quick. It doesn't help that Stepdot is on the other side of the same room contributing. 

I'm starting to hear an occasional complaint...

Well, maybe I'm overstating things a bit... However, this is close to the scenario that played out in my home over the past couple months as my sub ohm collection grew in size and the resistance of my coils dropped. Instead of waiting until the complaints turned into nagging or an argument, I decided to be proactive.


I looked to my rack of gear and grabbed some of the last couple year's top devices and built them for vaping indoors at home. Here's what I've got running right now:

  • iStick 10 with a Taifun GS V1 built to 1.3 Ohms. I'm not going to win any cloud competitions with it, but I am getting a nice, intensely flavored vape with great throat hit. It's set to 4 volts and I am not getting any dry hits. 
  • iStick 20 with a Rocket V2 RTA built to 1.3 Ohms. The iStick purrs along nicely at around 13 Watts. Again, I am getting great flavor and throat hit with acceptable vapor and outstanding battery life.
  • On my iStick 30, I've built the Aqua V2 down to .7 Ohms. It's a little lower than I'd like for mouth-to-lung tootling, but the rather restrictive airflow keeps me in check.
  • There's an old iTaste VV4 sporting a Kayfun Mini 2ES in long mode. That RTA is built to 1.2 Ohms and is pushed along at 11 Watts. It's my Ridiculously Long Mod and is the smallest in diameter, but easily to longest in my collection. I love it.
  • I even got an iTaste SVD V1 and topped it off with a Z-Atty Genesis clone built to 1.2 Ohms. Incredibly tasty vape, that one!
But, you say, I only like dripping. No worries. There's a Le Petit Gros and Hobo V2 sitting here built to 1 Ohm just begging for some use. Next to that is an In'Ax Nano ready and waiting at 1.2 Ohms, too. Dripping does not require insane builds and huge batteries. Both of those are equipped with nothing more than a lowly 18350. But they're also both hybrids and so they hit relatively well, just the same.

I see a problem, though. Every time I go only to get a replacement piece for one of these older devices, there are fewer and fewer of them available. Some of my older RTAs have been forced into retirement because I cracked the glass and no one carries replacements anymore. Even the screws are for some of my older rebuildables are getting harder to find. Cartomizers are being sold at fire sale prices and no one seems to be restocking. Thank the Powers That Be that Clapton coils have made smaller gauge wires popular again, or I might be forced to try a higher resistance build with 26 gauge.

It's not right. It's not ever vaper that needs, nor can every vaper handle massive, dense lung hits. And, not every partner - wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend - of every vaper wants the living room to look like a heavy metal concert with a smoke machine running in the easy chair and obscuring the television. Or maybe, there's a fan clearing the haze, but he or she can't hear what's on over the intense crackle-whoosh that is common with these atomizers.

For sanity's sake, for old times' sake, take a break today and pick up something as old as six months ago and try a mouth-to-lung hit. Who knows, you might even like it!