Saturday, October 10, 2015

REVIEW: I Cloud Cig Fishbone RDA

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

OK, so maybe that's a bit overstated. Maybe it's a lot overstated. Maybe I don't care and I don't have to because I bought this device with my own money and I can say what I want. Um... that was the disclaimer....

Disclaimer aside, it's all true. This RDA has, in the short time that I've owned it, taken me from someone that occasionally dabbles in something grander than a micro coil to someone that really and truly appreciates an artistic coil. It's taken me from being a tank lover to being a bit on the fence... I still love my RTAs (all 29 of them), but I'm starting to carry RDAs on a more regular basis because of this one device.

 The basics, then. It's a wide open, non-adjustable, bottom-airflow device with two 3.5 mm air holes on each side. That's four totally wide open air holes. The deck is large and features a pretty standard three-post design with smallish 2 mm post holes. Smallish for today's market, but completely capable of handling up to 20 gauge wires or medium sized Claptons. The negative posts are milled into the deck, and the copper positive post does not loosen or spin even when the 510 center pin is adjusted. It has a nice, deep 5.5 mm e-liquid well. All of this is covered with a Pyrex glass top cap that hugs the 2 o-ringed base and keeps the atty at a svelte 22 mm (some irregularities do exist - this is poured glass and not milled metal, after all).

The glass is the key, here. It keeps your vape cooler than stainless or brass or copper. Even with a Delrin insulator, my Little Boy, with the same build, is much hotter than this one. And it's very sexy!

Of course, it's not all a bed of roses. This being a bottom air flow RDA, there is a real chance you'll over drip and leak all over your mod. Condensation becomes immediately visible in the glass. The logo will wear off or chip off in time (not a big deal, but it can look ugly when it's chipping). Being that the top cap is glass, it's vital that the o-rings be rather lubed up with e-liquid to prevent things from catching and sticking. And, the glass... it's thinner than most tanks' glass. Thinner than any other RDAs' glass top cap. It will break. Ask me how I know...

As I am writing this, I have a six-strand, flat-braided 32 gauge Kanthal dual coil wrapped four times around a 2.5 mm mandrel and coming in at .19 Ohms. The ramp up time is insanely fast! The vape is cloudelicious!

Now, a couple of warnings: Once again, I cannot stress enough, that the glass on this RDA is fragile. Treat it gently and it's liable to last. Force that top cap on and SNAP! The authentic comes with a replacement, so you're not out an RDA when you break it, but it only comes with ONE replacement. There are replacement top caps available from several websites, but they are clones and not all of them fit. I have six top caps (I wanted to be ready), and they're all too large for my authentic. They're cheap enough (as is the RDA itself) that making a few mistakes will not break the bank, but being careful is better, if not easier. Also, when dripping, don't just drip. Paint the coils and add some e-liquid to the well. The top cap is large enough that dripping directly onto the coils without removing the top cap is easy enough.

You can find them all over the place online for around $10 to $20 for an authentic atty. That's not bad! The decent clones are running $5 to $10. The online shop I bought mine at has, for personal reasons I understand, has closed and so I cannot provide a link to my source. This, then, will have to suffice:

Would I replace this if I lost it? You betcha! In fact, this is the first device that has tempted me to break my "only one of each" rule.

  •     Finish 10/10 - Beautiful right out of the box. No oil, No metal shavings. A quick rinse, a quick build, and you're vaping.
  •     Form 9/10 - It's not a deal-breaker by any means, but the 2 mm post holes and the wide open, leak-prone airflow might be an issue for some. I also think the 3 post design is a little dated.*
  •     Function 9/10 - The glass is fragile and I've broken my original top cap. Other than that, this device has never failed to perform above and beyond my expectations.
  •     Final - 9.3/10 A grade.

*As I was writing this, I got an email alert. There's a new Fishbone with a Velocity 2 post deck just released, and another clone called the Fishbone XS with a 3-coil deck.


  1. Where can these new fishbones be acquired I I am off to hunt...

  2. Got 3. After the first I was hooked. There is even a place where you can buy just a decent clone deck for about 6 bucks.