Friday, October 23, 2015

REVIEW: Fountain V2 Squonking Atomizer

This is one of the sweeter ideas to come out of China in a long time. As far as I (or anyone else) can tell, it's also an original and authentic device. It combines the benefits of an RDA (decent clouds and flavor) with the benefits of a tank (no stopping to drip every couple of hits), without leaking and without purchasing a specially designed, potentially expensive mod.

This is the Fountain V2 Squonking Atomizer. This is available through,,, and and others. I've not seen any US vendors carrying it yet, although as I write this Angelcigs US warehouse has them in stock. The price for this jewel? Around $13!

The packaging is very basic. It's a charcoal gray box with the words Fountain V2 in a script typeface on top, some accreditation logo action on either side, and three line drawings on the bottom. The line drawings include an exploded view of the device, and a two-step "user guide." Inside, nestled in some foam rubber cutouts is the device. Along with the atomizer, there is a packet containing a trio of spare O-rings, a couple spare phillips head screws, a magic blue screwdriver, and a spare glass tanks section.

Let's take a look at this device from the top down, shall we...

On top, there is a non-replaceable, wide bore (8 mm) drip tip which also acts as your airflow controller. Under the drip tip, there are three channels that correspond with the two airflow slots cut into the stainless steel top cap. Aligning the two opposing slots gives airflow for dual coil builds, and aligning the third slot with one of the cyclops holes will block the other allowing for single coil builds.

The metal top cap is a simple affair. The slots in the sides sit up over a groove cut into the base of the piece, In that groove, under the slots, there are three holes one each side. In the center is an 8.2 mm section that holds the drip tip in with an o-ring. The entire metal top cap is likewise secured, sort of, inside the glass with another o-ring.

Then there's the glass. Yeah... not a lot to say here. It's clear, round, and relatively short (22.15 mm around, 1.6 mm thick, and 14.5 mm tall), but does allow you to see the wicked up coils, the squonking action, and vapor.

The glass slips over two O-rings on the outside of the deck. The deck is a pretty standard four-post design with middling size holes (I can fit 24 gauge, pretty easy) and phillips head screws. There's a 4.5 mm deep juice well, too. I have no problem fitting in a 2.5 mm coil. I imagine larger would be as easy.

And, that's where the comparison to any kind of atomizer you've used before ends. There is no 510 connector under the atomizer deck. There's a threaded section (under the deck, and part of the deck, actually) that can be removed. When it is taken out there's a small 5 ml soft plastic bottle screwed into the base. Inside, is a tube that is connected to the center pin. The bottle, the tube, the threaded section, all of it sits on an open sided, laminated tube. It's this tube that is the genius of the design. The entire exterior is the ground. Then there is a thin piece of insulator, and the entire interior of the tube appears to be the positive. And, yet, I have not been able to create a short between the outside and the inside sections. Cool! The opening is outlined with some laster engraving allowing you to see at a glance how much e-liquid is left in the squeeze bottle. The other side is laster engraved with a tribal-esque wolf's head (reminiscent of the Asmodus Snow Wolf logo).

Under that, finally, is the 510 connector with what appears to be a silver-plated, adjustable center pin.

Over all, the device is 22 mm in diameter, and 70.6 mm tall.A little shorter than a Eleaf Lemo 2, and a little taller than a Kanger Subtank Mini. Comfortable.

The device has mounted flush on my iSitck TC40W, my SMOK XPro M80 Plus, and, with some hilarious looking results, on my eGo ONE Mini. I don't anticipate problems on any of my devices.

Using the device, if you've ever built and wicked a coil before, is very simple. However, if you've never built a coil before, it's time to hit YouTube and start watching some tutorials because this atomizer does not come with wire, coils, or wick of any kind.

Build and wick your coils as you would most any RDA. You can put the entire atomizer on your ohm reader... Single coil, spaced coil, micro coil, macro coil... it's up to you as this atomizer does offer a largish deck and single coil airflow options. Once the coil is build and tested and wicked, remove the entire deck, glass and all, by unscrewing just below the deck. The bottle will come out with the deck. Once the deck and bottle is removed, unscrew the bottle and fill it. I recommend leaving a bit of space at the top of the bottle so there's no leaking when the tube is put in the bottle when screwing it back on the base of the deck. Reinstall the assembled bottle and deck arrangement in the tube.

Squonk (squeeze the bottle a couple times) to get the liquid from the bottle to the coils. The first couple times you do this, I recommend taking the top cap off so you can see the action.



After such a glowing review, you might think that there are no cons whatsoever to this device. Wrong... I have a few... but I did have to pick a few nits to get them.

The kit does not come with adequate instructions, coils, wire, or wick. Sure, the instructions might never get read, and the wire might never get used. The wick might be silica, and the coils might be 32 gauge garbage, but they should have been included.

The airflow is easy to adjust, but hard to see. The outer ring of the drip tip is black, and the shadows inside the airflow slots are black. It's kinda hard to determine how much air and how much shadow you've adjusting to. A white or colored ring there might have made things a bit easier.

The drip tip is not replaceable.

The O-rings are not the tightest I've ever dealt with. They aren't the loosest, either...

The kit did not come with a spare plastic bottle and this is no average bottle... any puncture or cut will render the entire device defunct.

Why the wolf logo? Why not a fountain? Or why not call the atomizer the Smokeless Wolf...

Phillips head screws instead of grub screws... they are backing out a bit easier than I like.

Still, with those small shortcomings, I would certainly buy it again if I lost or damaged it. in fact, I already, kinda, did. I gave Stepdot a choice between my Smokeless Owl / Terminator Squonker and a Fountain V2 on a spare iStick TC40W and she wisely chose the latter. I liked the kit so much that I bought my own.

  •     Finish 8/10 - The ONLY flaw I found in examining two of these devices was a slight imperfection in the threads of the soft plastic bottle on the second unit I purchased. That imperfection has not impacted the performance at all. I found no burrs, no machine oil, no janky threads. I initially thought to give it a 9.5 out of 10, but the lack of included wire/wick/coil/decent instructions/spare bottle forced me to take another point off. The final half-point deduction stems from the not-so-very-tight fit of the O-rings.
  •     Form 9/10 - I really like this device a lot. I would like it even more if I could use my own drip tip and see what adjustments I am making to the airflow.
  •     Function 9.5/10 - It builds, fills, and vapes with virtually no issues. But, even though other atomizers have phillips head screws that back out and I've not dinged them, these seem to back out easier than most others.
  •     Final - 8.8/10 B+ grade.


  1. Good written Review .Good on the details.As I own this too.-Felix Lebron

    1. I received my own yesterday, unfortunally it does'nt work. No recognize the resistance coil. Read always 0.01 ohm on ohm meter. Asked a replacement. Waiting for a response

    2. Let us know what response you get. While you're waiting, take it apart and reassemble, making sure all contacts are clean... that could be causing the issue.

  2. Can you get the spare phillips screws from anywhere mine are rounded off ??

    1. I'm sure they're available, but I could not say where. As they are still selling for around $9, it might just be better to replace it...