Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just a vape blog post

No reviews going on here. Move along, move along...

Since I last posted a pic of my vape collection, I've made some significant changes. I've PIF'ed three devices (my Hades 26650 mech, my Valkyrie Genesis Hybrid, and one of my EVOD VV 1000), four atomizers (the Big Kayfun and 26650 Plume Veil went with the Hades, the Big Dripper, and a Kanger T3'D clearo), and decided to consign another three to the deadpool (an EVOD VV, and both of the Altoids tins).

I also have several other mods, tanks, clearomizers, RTAs, and RDAs in the PIF pile.

Not wanting to be left short, though, I've added several devices and tanks to the lineup. Currently in USPS limbo is a Geyscano 50 Watt Squonker with the Geyscano atty and a Hobo V3 atty, a UD Goblin Mini, a UD Goliath V2, a Velocity, a SMOK XCube II and TFV4 Cloud Kit, and a Cloupor Mini Plus 50 Watt TC.

Not waiting in USPS bins somewhere, already delivered but not yet reviewed, is a UWell Crown Tank (with RBA deck), a Lemo 2, the Aspire Odyssey with RTA System and Charging Dock, a 454 Big Block RDA, and a Kanger Subtank Plus. I'm toting a lot of the gear in a nice, new Coil Master KBag!

Oh, yeah, I also took a gig as a consultant and webmaster for our local vape shop, and in exchange for that I am getting some e-liquids, and a Tesla Invader II and another Velocity RDA.

One of the Velocity RDAs will be getting set aside for a PIF or a giveaway as I have that no-duplication rule.

To say I've been busy is an understatement!


  1. I am super interested in your UWell Crown review! Hopefully you get to do it soon. I'm thinking about getting one but am still on the fence so to speak

  2. Love my crown. Just ordered the rba kit for it.