Wednesday, August 19, 2015

REVIEW: JoyeTech eGrip OLED CS

Imagine a tiny, tiny mod. Something not much larger than an oversize Zippo lighter, but that includes a 3.6 ml hybrid tank (one that will take coils or a rebuildable deck), a 1500 mAh internal battery with USB charging, and up to 30 watts of oomph. Let's say that this device comes with a charging cable, a wall plug, a drip tip, and two coils. And why not make this device with subohm capabilities and adjustable airflow. While we're at it, why not make it potentially compatible with more than one type of coil head. What if it was made to easily fill without taking the tank apart? What if it came with a very nice finish in a variety of colors, and a decent metal drip tip?

This is a ridiculous list, right?

I mean, no one would ever - could ever - make such a device.


Enter the JoyeTech eGrip OLED.

To say that I am enchanted with this tiny dynamo is an understatement!
I managed to get one at American Vapez in Mountain Home, AR. I immediately searched out and found the eGrip CS RBA base, 510 adapter, and a relatively inexpensive box of coils on Rocky Mountain Vapors.

Joyetech CLR head
What I haven't been able to find is the CL Base. Apparently, it has to be purchased with the CL base or with the CS base... the bases are not sold separately at this time. Perhaps in the future this base, and the extensibility it brings will be brought to the market for those that already own the CS version of the Joyetech eGrip. I suppose it's also possible that the two devices are completely independent of each other and this is just a pipe dream.

The reason that the availability of the CL base is brought up at all is because the CL coil heads are very nice. Better than the CS coil heads, by a long shot and, with the CLR head, easily re-wicked or completely rebuilt. The CL heads are compatible with the eGo ONE line including the tank that can be included with the eVic VT.

eGrip CS RBA Base
Meanwhile, what is available is the eGrip CS RBA deck. When purchasing the RBA deck for the eGrip, make sure you also get the RBA base 510 adapter.

RBA 510 adapter
The RBA deck does not have a 510 connection anywhere on it because it's designed to fit snugly in the wee confines of the eGrip mod. The 510 adapter allows the RBA base to be seated in the adapter, placed on an Ohm reader for testing or on a mod for dry firing. The Ohm reader is a must for anyone that builds. Dry firing? That depends on how you're building.

Before digging any deeper into the RBA deck, it should be pointed out that the RBA deck is by no stretch of the imagination required for use. Joyetech make 1.5 Ohm CS Coil Heads that work very well. However, they are only available at that 1.5 Ohms. using a 1.5 Ohm coil in a 30 watt device is a bit like owning a sports car and never taking it above 50 MPH.

Of course, using only the eGrip CS 1.5 Ohm coil head does mean you will not have to purchase the relatively inexpensive RBA deck or the even cheaper 510 adapter, and your battery life will be longer.

This is not an eGrip OLED, but the atomizer base is the same.
DO NOT set the mod on its side when changing coils if there
is any e-liquid in the device.  Remove the drip tip and place the
mod on its top - upside down.
One note regarding the CS Coil Heads. They are apparently the same coil heads eLeaf decided to use in their GS Air Tanks. This might be a consideration if you own a GS Air Tank.

Installing the coil or the RBA deck is a little more challenging than installing a tank on a mod. A circular section of the base, which can be unscrewed using either a coin or the handy-dandy provided tool, is removed and inside of that base is the coil. When using the RBA deck, the entire base is replaced - not just the coil head.

I did use the device for a week with the supplied coil head. I found the flavor to be quite good and the vapor to be acceptable. It's a tootle-puffer device to be sure.

The draw when using the coil head is very tight, but is somewhat adjustable. To adjust the draw, there is a screw in the side of the

device's base which can be unscrewed to increase the airflow and screwed in to decrease the airflow. it can also be removed and quickly lost (ask me how I know). The screw is a flat head screw, and a small precision screwdriver will work to loosen and tighten, or, again, you may use the handy-dandy supplied tool.

When using the coil head base, the air comes in through the side and up through the coil. When using the RBA deck, however, the air comes in from the bottom of the deck and up through the coil. Although still restrictive, I've found that I can take a slow lung hit using the RBA deck.

When using the device, if you support it with your pinky, make sure you don't block the airflow hole. I find that I often grab it with my pinky underneath and block it and then wonder if the device is clogged before realizing that I am the clog.

While the device is disassembled for rebuilding or replacing the coil head, it can also be filled with e-liquid just like you might fill any clearomizer. Drop liquid down the side of the tank and avoid the center tube. Once the device is reassembled, it's still just as easy. Perhaps easier.

On the side of the device there is a door that can be popped open with a fingernail. Under that door are two ports - one is for e-liquid, the other for air to escape the tank when you're filling. I have been able to fill the tank using a dropper, a plastic bottle, and a syringe. If you use a dropper, take it slow and be ready to clean up a few drops around the fill port. The fill ports are sealed by a rubber gasket attached to the door. Press it closed, and there are no leaks. If the gasket should get damaged, Joyetech has graciously supplied several replacements - and a couple other o-rings for other pieces and parts, too.

Speaking of additional pieces parts, the kit also came with a very nice USB cord, and a decent wall wart. Charging is, as would be expected on a device with only 1500 mAh, a snap. The device does allow for passthrough vaping so you can vape and charge at the same time.

To turn the device on, simply click the firing button five times. To turn it off, click 5 more times. If you find that your device will only adjust up to 20 watts, turn it off, and, from the off state, rapidly click the device 30 times. This will activate the built in upgrade and give you access to all 30 watts. It may take more than one attempt to get it to work, but it does work.

The eGrip OLED can be adjusted in either volts or watts. It has a range of 2 - 8 volts and 5 - 30 watts. It will read down to .4 Ohms I am told. I've yet to build that low on such a small device. Adjustments are made by turning a small dial that encircles the firing button. On the original eGrip, there were hash marks that defined set wattages. On the OLED, there's only knurling. By turning the dial one click at a time, wattage can be adjusted up or down in .1 watt increments. Voltage is likewise adjusted up or down in .1 volt increments. Switching between wattage and voltage take three quick click of the firing button. Rotating the dial quickly in either direction increases or decreases the wattage or voltage continuously until the dial is turned again in either direction.

I chose sometime ago to never purchase another tank that I could not rebuild. It was the availability of the RBA base (and the incredible price of the device at American Vapez), that convinced me to get it. The RBA base is miniscule! The screws are tiny and will never be used to trap any gauge of wire I would be happy using. You have to use the holes provided in the base beneath the screws. I think they might be large enough for 26 gauge, but that's about it. You're not going to be installing staggered fused stapled Clapton coils in this device - ever. That said, it's not that hard to work on once you get past the diminutive size of the base. Once the coil is in place, wick as you would a
Kayfun by threading the cotton through the coil, installing the chimney base, snip the cotton and carefully tuck it back in to the chimney base taking care not to distort the coil. I have had very little leakage (I think it's likely condensation as I only see a drop after vaping for a while). If you're uncertain about building just yet, don't worry. Joyetech will gladly sell you a packet of premade, prewicked coils. I found them for $3.95 on My Freedom Smokes.

If I were to lose or accidentally destroy this device tomorrow, you can bet I would be looking for a way to replace it ASAP. It is the very definition of a stealth vape (and just a note - I DO NOT think stealth vaping is cool. If you are in a place that explicitly does not allow smoking or vaping, don't do it. It reflects poorly on every other vaper) that shines with performance and features not available on - or in - devices costing much more.

  • Finish 10/10 - Very sleek and compact with a great paint job.
  • Form 8/10 - I often covered the air holes with my pinky finger when grasping the device naturally. The airflow screw can come out and be lost quite easily. The fire button, control dial, fill port, drip tip, and atomizer port are all great, though!
  • Function 10/10 - I have had zero problems using this device! I find it a joy to use and easy to tuck into any available pocket as a grab-and-go for short trips or as a backup device for longer trips.
  • Final - 9.3/10 Solid A!


  1. great review. thanks for doing this

  2. I am getting mine soon man
    Although i didnot get the last paragraph ;)

    1. Hmmm... last paragraph? The one about stealth vaping? Let me break it down: I don't vape in places I shouldn't (movie theaters, airplanes, grocery stores) because I feel it is inconsiderate and put's vaping and vapers in a bad light; I would replace this device because I like its compact size.

  3. Do you know why My vape is not working? It has liquid con it and the atomizer is thighten all The way but when i try to vape it says "No Atomizer" what could be wrong with it?

    1. You're using this mod (eGrip oled)? Are you using a stock coil or the RBA?