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REVIEW: The EHPro SPD A5 50 Watt Temperature Control Box Mod

EHPRO SPD A5 with an
eLeaf Lemo V1 RBA
I was fortunate enough to find this on the E-Cigarette-Forums classified ads. I snagged it ASAP, and have been thoroughly enjoying it since it's arrival. Since I snagged mine used from the classies, it did not come with a manual, but a manual is available on EHPro's website. I've found this device selling new from $30 (in china) to $47. Not to shabby for a 50 Watt temperature control device.

It's a box. In fact, this is one of the more angular boxes I've ever used. There is not a curve or rounded edge anywhere on the device. In spite of this, it is not uncomfortable to use. Tehre aren't any truly sharp edges that dig into the hand. It's light weight being made from anodized aluminum. The finish is a bit slippery, but I typically hold my boxes with my pinky finger under the box, so it's never slipped from my grasp. The top and bottom caps are plastic, but feel relatively sturdy.

The OLED screen is one of the largest and brightest I've seen aside from the Joyetech eVic VT. On screen at all times there is a battery bar, the resistance, the applied voltage (which reads 0.00 V when the device is idle), and the temperature setting (which reads OFF when not active). It's the same layout, I believe, as the DNA40 Large Screen.

But this is NOT a clone. Even though EHPro was known as a clone manufacturer, they've recently begun releasing some very nice, authentic, decently priced devices and tanks. This is their first box mod and it is an all original (if, possibly derivative) device!

How do I know it's not a clone? I've never seen a box shaped this way, and the menus are very different.-

The operation of the device is pretty simple, compared to some of the other devices on the market. The battery is inserted POSITIVE POST DOWN into the battery bay, and the tab-style cover is slid back in place over it. The battery cover also includes the positive lead, so make sure it's on there securely.

Power up the device by clicking the fire button five times. This device does not seem to like the ultra fast clicks needed for some other devices. I find that five times in around 2 seconds works fine. It actually feels a bit easier than many other devices where you feel as if you are racing the device.

Five click on
  • Increase wattage with the + button.
  • Decrease wattage with the - button.
  • Fire the device with fire button. 
  • Press the + and - buttons simultaneously to enter temp adjust mode
  • When in temp adjust mode, the + increases the temperature to a max of 600 F or 350 C
  • When in temp adjust more, the - decreases the temperature to a min of 200 F or 100 F
  • Clicking the + one more time when the temperature is at its maximum turns temp control off
Five click to lock
  • When locked, pressing the Fire and - button engages and disengages stealth mode
  • When locked, pressing the Fire and + button flips the screen to right or left mode
  • When locked, pressing the + and - buttons simultaneously switches to Celsius
When installing an atomizer (always make sure your temperature coils and the mod are at room temperature), the first time the fire button is pressed, the device will ask "New coil on same coil down." Obviously, it means "new coil UP same coil down."

After a few seconds, the screen powers off. This is normal. To further preserve battery life, after 15 minutes, the device powers off. This is not normal and some people are going to be thrilled that the device was thoughtful enough to extend your battery life and some are going to hate having to click it five times again to vape. I kinda like it, although I often forget and take a cold, empty hit when I first pick it up.

This menu system - especially the temperature adjusting - is far simpler than many others. I really like not having to lock the device, enter the temperature control menu, unlock the device...

The device requires a 20 Amp 18650. The battery can be removed and charged easily, or can be charged in the device using a micro-USB cable.

Being a temperature control device, I did run through the cotton burn test. The device consistently scorched the wick a bit more than I would have liked. However, unless I repeatedly fired the device, it did not ignite. Further, it has never given me a dry hit after running through 30 ml (6 filled Lemo V1 tanks) on it. For more information regarding temperature control, I covered in rather a lot of depth in the iStick 40 review, and touched on it in the DNA40 review. I think the reason it may not completely pass the (somewhat gimmicky) cotton burn test is that there is no method to "lock" the atomizer and the resistance may drift a little.

For the fashionistas out there, the device is available in Black, Blue, White, and a Champagne Gold. I am using the black version and pairing it with the Black Lemo V1. Looks nice. Well, almost. The device measures 23 x 40 x 83 mm so the Lemo (a 23 mm tank) fits flush side to side, but the 510 connector is not set back far enough on top so one edge of the tank overhangs by a couple mm. This will be true with 22 mm tanks as well. It's not a deal breaker for me.

Regardless of the color you choose, the top and bottom plate, and the screen and buttons are black. The buttons are square bits of transparent plastic. Several other reviewers have likened them to stereo buttons. It's true, the buttons aren't shiny engraved metal, but they do not rattle, they do not spin, and they do not stick. They are also quite crisp and clicky. I like them.

EHPro has, of course, stamped their logo on the device, but it's not all over the device and it's not huge. A simple graphic and EHPRO on the top of one side and an SPD A5 at the bottom of the same side. The opposite side is ridged - corrugated, really.

The micro-USB charging port is on the bottom a-la the iStick 20, 30 and 40. This means that to charge it, you have to tip it over. I do not like this. I far prefer the charging port on the side. I know it's possible. Hana does it, iStick 50 does it, eVic VT does it...

EHPRO SPD A5 Features Include:

  • Authentic mod by EHPro.
  • Dimension: 23*40*83mm
  • Material: Aluminum & Polycarbonate
  • Gold-plated SS 510 threading.
  • Variable wattage mode.
  • Temperature control mode.
  • 600 degrees Fahrenheit max.
  • Takes a single 18650, 20 Amp battery (not included).
  • Buttons are made from transparent high-temp poly.
  • Dimensions: 83mm x 40mm x 23mm.
  • Spring loaded adjustable 510 pin.
  • Reads resistance down to 0.1Ω.
  • Reads resistance up to 3.0Ω.
  • Output power: 5-50 watts.
  • Micro USB charging port.
  • Power saving mode.
  • 0.91″ Mono LED screen.
  • 600 F Temperature control system.
This is a solid device and one that I am very happy to own. It is not perfect, but if lost or destroyed, I would certainly consider replacing it and I have no problems recommending it.
  •     Finish 8/10 - It looks nice, feel OK, is light and not overrun with logos and etchings, but it is angular and a bit slippery.
  •     Form 9/10 - I am disappointed in EHPro for putting the Micro-USB on the bottom (I would be disapointed in anyone putting the port on the bottom after the negative comments heaped on the original iStick 20), and I wish that the 510 connector was a bit further back on the device so atties would sit flush. However, these are both very small annoyances and do not impact the performance of the device. The screen, on the other hand, is wonderful! The buttons are nice, and the battery door is simple to use.
  •     Function 8/10 - I wish that there was a way to lock the atomizer and a way to lock the adjustment buttons so the wattage is not accidentally increased or decreased. Due to the lack of the atomizer lock (I think) the temperature control, while functional, is in need of a little fine tuning.
  •     Final - 8.3/10 B grade.

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  1. Sounds alot like the IPV D2, but looks bigger and not as powerful. I do however find the originality and fine tuning they have put into the actual look of the mod to be over the top, as it looks like no other device I've ever seen. The different colours also seem to be a nice touch.
    Besides that though...nothing special, but it does seem like a better option then the IStick 40watt, but to be honest...why put temperature control on these small devices? Like 600 degree's F, on a 50 watt device? How do you actually accomplish something so outlandish? Seems like an option that is simply not needed. Anyways, it is what it is and seems to be a good mod in its class. I'd also grade it a B.