Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Porch check

What do you do when you've managed to acquire more devices than you can easily photograph in your hand or on your table? You move thing to your porch, of course...

From back to front and left to right:
Back row: Hades with 26650 Kayfun Light, Chi You Megan with Big Buddha, Stainless Stingray with Big Dripper, K100 with Taifun GS, Maraxus with Kanger Subtank V1, Magneto with Orfun, Panzer with Taifun GT, Copper Overdose with Copper Fogger, Valkyrie Genesis Hybrid, Black Copper Stingray with Kayfun 4, Kamry KTS II with Kayfun Mini ES 2.1, Origin and Aqua hybrid.

Front row: In'Ax Nano, Le Petit Gros with Hobo 2 hybrid, Siamese hybrid, eGo ONE XL, iStick 10 with DID Mini, iStick 20 with Orchid V2, iStick 30 with Caravela Genesis, iStick TC 40 with Aspire Atlantis and 5 ml extension, DNA40 with Kanger Subtank Mini V1, eVic VT with eGo ONE Mega, Terminator with Smokeless Owl BF (squonker), KUI with Nuppin BF (squonker), Altoids unregulated V2 with Ithaka, Altoids unregulated V1 with Rocket V2

Not pictured: Kanger EVOD VV 1000 with Anyvape Davide, Kanger EVOD VV 1000 with Aspire Nautilus, Jomo iExpress with Kanger Aerotank Mini, Octopus RDA, 26650 Plume Veil RDA, 26650 Tobh V3 RDA, Little Boy RDA, Kanger T3'D. Kanger EVOD2, Helios RDA, Trident RDA

For those not counting, there are 31 total devices with at least one clearomizer/