Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A non-review of the Innokin Disruptor

Presented for you is another device that I will not buy, will not review, and will not recommend.


Thought you'd never ask!

In today's vape market there have been two kinds of mods available: Those that have internal batteries, and those that take external batteries. The iStick line (until the newly released iStick 100) was a prime example of the internal battery mod. You buy it, vape it, charge it, and repeat steps two and three until the battery no longer holds a charge. The Vaporshark and Hana mods are examples of mods that require an external battery. You buy the mod, you buy the battery/ies, install them, vape, charge either through the charging port or an external charger, etc.

Along comes the Innokin Disruptor with plans to disrupt the market. Now, instead of buying a decent battery at your local brick and mortar or online and swapping them as needed, you have to buy a specialized pack.

It's not a pack you can use with another mod.

It's not a mod you can use with other batteries.

If you buy this, you are tying yourself to this mod until you're frustrated enough to give it away or toss it.

Don't get me wrong. It's not all bad. It is a 6-50 watt, 3-7.5 volt device with a suite of protections and an increased amp range. It's being made by one of the better known vape companies out there. It is also supposed to be upgradeable in the future to use larger battery packs. It does use a standard 510 connection. It has a couple of charge modes and uses micro USB to charge. It doesn't promise anything it cannot deliver (I'm looking at you SMOK).

That is to say that if you win one, don't throw it away (unless you're throwing it my way). Vape it, enjoy it.