Sunday, June 28, 2015

REVIEW: Kamry K1000 e-pipe

I bought this device from VapeNW very early on in my vaping journey. It came with everything a person needed to get started (except the e-liquid) at a very reasonable price.

The Kamry K1000 is an 18350 mechanical mod usually sold as a complete kit. Mine came with 2 x 18350 batteries, a clearomizer, a half-moon semi-rigid zipper case, a single slot, wall mount Li-ion battery charger, the device itself, and a pipestem drip tip. I see it's still available in three colorways from VapeNW (link above) for $19.99.
My K1000 is black.
I still have it and take it down to use it from time to time. However, I have some issues with the device...

18350 batteries, at best, are rated at a 10.5 Amp draw. The batteries that come with it have no Amp rating listed and none that I can find on the internet anywhere... and I did a lot of looking. Still, I did use them, and I still do but only with higher ohm coils in my tanks. A 2.1 Ohm coil in an Aspire Mini Vivi Nova only draws 2 Amps at max voltage (4.2 volts). With a Purple eFest 18350 or AW IMR 18350, I might push it down to 1.5 Ohms. There will be no cloud chasing with this device.

The funky 510 ring and funkier clearomizer
Then, there's the included atomizer. It's called the Kamry X6, but it appears to be an (even) uglier version of the iClear 30 or original ViVi Nova. It's a top, potentially changeable coil rated at 2.1 Ohms and wicked with silica. It'll work as well as any ce4, and last about as long. It's also ugly, plasticy, cheap feeling - like chromed plastic. After trying the Kamry V6 tanks for about a week, I put an Aspire Vivi Nova Mini BDC tank which is a better looking, better performing tank on the device. I also tried it with an Aspire Nautilus tank.

I would have tried it with other clearomizers, but the 510 connection is a bit different. Instead of the hole in the mod that most everyone knows and has a love-hate relationship with, this device has a 510 threaded ring which can be detached. The ring is threaded onto the atomizer, then the resulting combination is screwed onto the stem which houses the positive pin. On the one hand, every atomizer mounts flush. On the other, large atomizers look ridiculous and bulbous. In fact, small 510 atomizers look a little odd. I do think ego threading on this device would have made it look and function a little better. There are two grooves in the connector ring to allow devices that get their air from the 510 connection (like my Aspire Mini Vivi Nova) to function.

The drip tip / mouthpiece included with the kit does it's best to emulate a pipe mouthpiece. It's long and bent... and drive me absolutely nuts when I see pictures of the e-pipe online with the stem facing the wrong direction. The vape from this device is cooler than most as the vapor has to travel through nearly three inches of metal pipestem. You'll also want some pipe cleaners on hand to clean out that pipestem. I recommend doing so before each use as e-liquid has a tendency to condense inside the stem making a vape sessions first hit more liquid than vapor.

For all that it makes a valiant attempt at being a pipe, it ultimately falls short as you will not want to clench this pipe in your teeth and carry on about your business as you would a tobacco pipe. The pipe stem is metal, round, and attached to a very heavy mod and tank.

Did I say heavy? The mod, with a battery installed but without the tank or drip tip, weighs 4.8 ounces! The bowl is metal, the connectors are metal, the drip tip is metal. Nothing about this device is lightweight. And, it's large, too. The bowl / battery compartment is about 41 mm x 52 mm with the 510 stem jutting out another 16 mm from the side. The drip tip, by itself, is nearly 82 mm long. With the tank installed, my version 180 mm in length.

The battery installation is a bit different, too. If you've ever used a mech mod, you're likely used to putting the positive post into the mod first. The switch makes contact with the negative pole. In this mod, a ring is screwed off of the top of the device, a battery is dropped in with the positive side up, then the cover is replaced. The center of the cover is the switch, and around the switch are four dimples you might use to improve your "grip" to remove and replace the cap. It's not terribly easy, but gets easier with time.

The battery bowl and switch
The switch itself is acceptable. It has a very short throw but can be pushed harder (it crunches a bit when you do) as though that might make the device vape a little better. There is no locking ring, through, so don't tuck this into your pocket.

Being a mech mod, there are no protections. If you press and hold the button for longer than 10 seconds, it will keep firing. If you put the battery in upside down, something will fry. There are two battery vent holes between the stem and the 510 that are connected through to the battery compartment.

There. Now I've written about a thousand words condemning this device. Guess how I feel about the device... just guess...

I like it and it's going to stay in my collection. It feels comfortable in the hand, and offers a great tootle-puff experience. Would I buy another? No way! Would I recommend anyone else buy one? Yeah, maybe... for $20 you get a nice case, a decent mod, and a great conversation starter.

  •     Finish 9/10 - So far, the anodized finish has stood up quite nicely.
  •     Form 7/10 - The device is heavy and metallic and cannot be clenched in the teeth like a real pipe might be. The 510 connection is very small and most atomizers look rather large and bulbous when attached. The device is also rather larger than one might imagine. 
  •     Function 9/10 - As long as you enter into using this device with the knowledge that you're never going to blow clouds and are going to forever tootle-puff on coils built above 1.5 Ohms, it does exactly what it should do. I took one point off for the button occasionally crunching when I press down hard.
  •     Final - 8.3/10 B grade.


  1. Hello Sir nice Article thx for this :) , can I used aspire nautilus X on my kamry k1000 with out risk, so sory lil speak english, Thx :)

    1. As the K1000 is not a hybrid device, and as the stock Nautilus X coils are st or above 1.5 Ohms, there should be little danger. Please make sure to check the coils on an ohm reader, first, to ensure that none of the coils are damaged. Safety aside, I feel that you will not be satisfied with the performance of that combination. The Nautilus X want a little more power than a lowly 18350 can provide.

    2. Thx for replay Sir, I m very happy, can you help me what type tank big short like a Nautilus X for k1000, Thz :)