Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A non-review of the Aspire ESP 30

Wait a minute... What's a non-review?

Simple. I don't have one. I am not going to get one. A non-review will explain why.

The Aspire ESP30 is a 30 watt mini box mod. This mod is carbon fiber wrapped... or maybe it's carbon fiber, I don't honestly know and Aspire's website ain't telling. It's ovalish in shape and features a 510 connection and a knob at top. There's a USB port on the bottom for charging. A smallish screen is set among willy-nilly logo placement on one side, and I can find no picture of the other. An index finger or thumb firing button is located on the upper portion of the body along one of the narrow ends of the oval. The device will fire down to .3 ohms. The 510 is self-adjusting (spring loaded?). The internal battery is rated at 1900 mAh. Pass-through vaping is supported.

What's not to like?
Picture shamelessly stolen from Goodly on Alibaba

This is 2015, and Aspire has introduced a device with 2014 capabilities and price. For starters, the device is 86 x 24 (at its widest) x 41. The end where the 510 sits is narrower and I worry that full size tanks will overhang. The charging port is on the bottom. I see no mention of venting. It's 1900 mAh. There is way too much garish branding on it. It uses a knob for wattage adjustment. And, it costs around $45.

To put that into context, a 50 watt iStick can be easily found for the same price, adjusts in both watts and volts using buttons, has a charging port on the side, has understated logo, at least discusses venting on the website, and looks quite nice with most all 22 mm tanks. The original Joyetech eGrip - which only goes up to 20 watts, has an internal 1500 mAh battery, USB charging on the bottom, costs more, uses a knob for adjustments, and has no screen - comes with a built-in atomizer with an optional RBA deck, and a very sleek design with understated logos for about the same money. For the same money, you can get a 40 watt Kanger KBox (which uses LEDs indicators in place of a screen, limited controls and adjustments, a very nice design and logo, and has readily apparent venting), two batteries, and a charger.

The list of comparably priced, but better performing or better designed mods goes on and on...

Aspire, you're capable of making some nice products. I like my Atlantis (now that I can get an RBA deck for it), and my Nautilus, and my Vivi Novas. Thank you. But this mod is a clear miss.

Of course, you probably knew that as you have ESP (30), right?