Friday, May 8, 2015

VAPERANT: Read the f*** manual and answer the question correctly

There are times when I begin to fear for the future of the human race... Well, maybe not the whole race, but for some vapers, for sure. And where one stoopid vaper goes, there is the very real fear that all will follow.

Not sure what I mean? Read on...

There are a lot of forums and Facebook groups and Reddit threads and there's A LOT of good advice out there. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to dig for it... Lately, as I read through these groups, it seems as though stoopid is rising to the top.

Why? People aren't reading the f*** manual! Read the f*** manual, people!

Why? People are entranced with clouds and the sub-ohm trend. It's not typically for noobs. It's typically for advanced vapers.

Why? People aren't reading the entire question or are only reading the parts of the question that they want to read before answering. Read the question and THEN answer. Answer with something that makes sense.

I just read one question, not two minutes before beginning this post, where the individual stated clearly that he did not want to build or rebuild. One of the first answers directed them to a Kayfun. Not sure, but last time I looked, there were no coils for a Kayfun. They had to be built. Wrong answer!

Some folks come to these forums and groups asking what to start with. A dripper built to .2 ohms in a dual series 18650 mech box IS NOT a starter kit. Without some sort of education, that's nothing more than a recipe for disaster. For that matter, an iStick 50 and a Kanger Subtank is not really suitable for most beginners. How about an iStick 20 and a Nautilus? Maybe even a spinner and a couple EVOD tanks. Sure, a CE4 is a little lowball, but no one is going to blow their hand off with a 650 mAh ego. I'd never suggest a cigalike, but c'mon...

Another person asked how many wraps of 24 gauge wire would yield .5 ohms. The answer could range from one wrap at 14 mm to 20 wraps at .5 mm. Instead of directing this poor soul to a useful tool like or Coil Toy, people were trying to guess and giving wildly inaccurate numbers. For starters, the links above are just for reference and no kind of replacement for testing with an ohm meter or multimeter. If you're building without an ohm meter or multimeter, STOP. Buy coil heads for your tanks until you get and learn to use an ohm meter or multimeter. even states right on their coil calculator page "This calculator does not predict shorts, so always measure your coil before you fire it!" If you don't own a tank that takes rebuildable coils, buy one, or buy an ohm meter or multimeter.

Another recent question was regarding why a .2 ohm coil would not fire on a mech mod. The person asking the question had built the coil based on a coil calculator and had not tested it, and was attempting to use a cheap battery with an discharge rating of, I think, 6 amps. The individual had no knowledge of ohms law. and did not bother to run it through a calculator. IF the atty had fired, on a fresh charge, it would have drawn 22 amps! The battery could have vented and caused damage or injury to the mod, to the individual, to the surroundings.

I've seen people trying to subohm using 18350 batteries.

Another story was related to me about a disreputable B&M owner selling clones as authentics - jacking up the price, shoddy, rewrapped batteries (when's the last time you saw an authentic Sony VCT5 for $12), and pushing new users into building on RDAs without training, all the while selling high nic e-juice... and laughing when the poor sucker tried it and coughed and hacked for five minutes...

And so you say "But that's not me! I know Ohm's law, I buy good batteries, I answer questions properly, and I read the fine manual. How is this my problem?" When some idiot blows off a finger trying to enter a cloud competition and your city or state makes it illegal to sell/purchase mech mods because we as a community did not educate him, it becomes everyone's problem.

If you're an inexperienced vaper and you ask a question DO NOT let yourself be bullied or pushed into doing anything that you're uncomfortable or do not know enough about. Research.

If your an experienced vaper and you see a question being answered with stupidity - or a stupid question for that matter (and in spite of the old saying that there are no stupid questions, I'm seeing more and more of them pop up) - gently provide the correct answer. Or, guide them towards asking a better question. If you're in a B&M and you see a skeezy move being made by the owner, take them aside... if they continue, take your business elsewhere and write a review of the shop noting the skeezy behavior.

Vaping is a community, and we don't take care of it, someone else will (so sorry, Indiana). Do it for yourself. Do it for everyone.