Sunday, May 3, 2015

VAPEMAIL: May 2, 2015

From Left to right.
Back row, 26650 Plume Veil RDA, Trident RDA, Octopus RDA, Helios RDA, Tobh V3 RDA, Hades with 26650 Kayfun RTA, Black Copper Stingray with Dovpo Safe Link and Caravela Genesis, K100 with DID Genesis, Chi You with Kraken, Maraxus with Kanger Subtank Mini, Panzer with Ithaka RTA, Copper Overdose with Little Boy RDA, Chi You Megan with Big Buddha RTA, and five spools of wire (32, 30, 28, 26, 24)
Altoids Mod V2 with the V2 Rocket RTA, Kamry K1000 epipe with Aspire Mini Vivi Nova, iStick 50 with Lemo RTA, iStick 20 with Aspire Nautilus, three 1000 mAh eGo spinners (two with Kanger T3D and one with an XL cartomizer), iStick 30 with Aspire Atlantis (5 ml upgrade), KBox with Kanger Subtank V1, the JomoTech Iexpress2 AA Battery Mod with another Aspire Mini Vivi Nova, Altoids Mod V1 with an Anyvape Davide.
Oh, yeah, and a whole bunch of little blue (and one red) screwdrivers. 
The last couple days - OK, the last couple weeks - have been very, very good to my (and the USPS). Yesterday, I received a 26650 Kayfun which I purchased from an individual through the classifieds on Vaping Underground. I am using it to top off the Hades. Nice and flush! There was also a huge sheet of 400 stainless steel mesh, and a roll of 24 gauge kanthal.

Today, the mail brought me a Chi You (which looks VERY sweet with the Kraken), a Panzer and an Ithaka RTA from Cactus E-Smokes. It also brought be 100 ml PG, 100 ml VG, and six 10 ml flavors (raspberry, pomegranate, peanut butter, Irish cream, sweet cream, and French vanilla) from Phantasm Vapors.

Still waiting in the mail system, somewhere, is a spool of 30 gauge nickel wire (non-resistance for building the Ithaka), and a Coil Master jig set.

Not happy with just getting vapemail, I stopped at Rogue Vapers in Little Rock, Arkansas when we visited last week and grabbed 15 ml of Guilty Pleasures - a cinnamon toast cereal vape that is easy on the cinnamon and delish, and a set of ceramic tweezers. Their shop was two doors down from Sally's Beauty Supply, so I also came home with 500-feet of rayon (I won't need to buy wick for a while). Meanwhile, our hotel was across a parking lot from Michaels, so I grabbed a Coiling Gizmo. Works great!

Not yet ordered, but in the works is a squonker and a Heatvape Invader Mini. I also want to match each device with a tank (I think I've been pretty successful thus far) and an RDA. I think I'll get a copper Fogger for the Copper Overdose.

What are your thoughts for additional RDAs?