Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REVIEW: Kanger T3'D Clearomizer

If you're just starting out, chances are you've had a run in with a CE4 clearomizer. You know the ones... the wicks hanging down into the e-liquid and the non-replaceable coil right under the mouthpiece. They work fine the first time you fill them, but then you find yourself inverting the device to soak the wicks with e-liquid because gravity works. Then you take a puff and have either a nasty burnt taste if the wicks weren't soaked enough or a mouthful of liquid if they were too saturated. You threw them away because they were disposable and spent another $5 (or more) on a new clearomizer. You went through all of that because - even with their flaws and problems - they were better than the polyfill stuffed cartomizers which seemed to never to have enough oomph.

Or maybe you haven't gone through any of that and you came here looking for a way to avoid that - or find something better. You're in luck!

Kangertech has a line of tanks that use a replaceable bottom coil. That coil is filled with a tiny, fast acting wick. The bottom coil ensures that the e-liquid enters the coil because gravity still works. There is, in my experience, less of a chance of getting a mouthful of e-liquid, too as you're drawing in through the coil and up a chimney instead of right off the coil. Those coils can be found in a wide range of resistances (from .8 to 2.0 ohms). These coils will fit in the EVOD2 and EVOD glass, the T3'D, the Protank 3, the Aerotank line, the EMOW or MOW tanks. With some fiddling, they will even fit in older Kangertech tanks. With care, I have had these coils last a week or more.

The T3'D is an eGo style clearomizer. Without an adapter, it will not fit on a 510 mod. Adapters, however, are relatively inexpensive and many 510 mods come with an adapter. The tank measures 15 mm in diameter x 74.7 mm tall with the included drip tip attached. Without the drip tip, it measures approximately 54.5 tall.

The T3'D holds 2.2 ml and has a nice scale that faces up for vaping and a matching scale that faces down for filling printed on the side of the polycarbonate tank. 2.2 ml doesn't seem like much in the face of some of the five- and ten-ml tanks currently available, but at the lower ohm ratings that will be safe on eGo batteries, and with the tighter draw of the T3'D, 2.2 ml will last several hours.

The airflow on the T3'D is a little limited (who am I kidding? It's a lot limited in comparison) as it draws in air through three pinholes in the base, and then through the a 1.3 mm air hole in the base of the coil head. It is definitely suited to a mouth-to-lung style draw. Even with that limited airflow, though, the flavor is very good.

When the coils get a little old, you might experience a bit of flooding or gurgling and leaking through the air hole in the base of the coil. This easy enough to blow out, but I recommend you blow it out upside down to avoid forcing more juice into the already over-taxed wicks. Better yet, replace the coil when this starts to happen. The coil heads run around $10 for a five-pack. Less if you hunt around...

You can almost fully disassemble the tank. The mouthpiece is 510 compatible and will come out and will fit in most of your other 510 atomizers. This means that you can also fit another 510 drip tip in the T3'D. The base holds the coil head and the tank screws into the base and holds your juice.

The only real drawback I can find with the tank is the use of polycarbonate instead of glass. An acidic juice (orange or banana or cinnamon) can corrode the tank. Juices like this are called tank crackers for a reason...

Would I buy another one. No, but that's only because I own about 6 of them already.

Final score:
  • Finish 10/10 - I can find no flaw with the construction of this tank.
  • Form 9/10 - I don't like the use of polycarbonate and would have preferred glass.
  • Function 9/10 - Limited, non-adjustable airflow.
  • Final - 9.3/10 - For just starting out, this is a great little clearomizer.


  1. I have a few Kanger mini pro tanks from my previous stint vaping and disliked the restricted draw,being a modeller I have access to some tiny drill bits with which I was able to expand the air holes,a vast improvement.The holes don't look bigger but the air flow is much improved.Do one hole at a time just in case.

  2. There are pros and cons with both. Clearomizers can hold 2-6 (?) times as much liquid so don't need topping up so often. Cartomizers do often produce a very good vape, but are disposable in a shorter time-span.I thought cartos were brilliant until I tried a clearo. Now, I've gone back to cartos, but in a tank and clearos.