Sunday, May 17, 2015

Game changers

game chang·er
  1. an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.
    "a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire US aerospace industry"

I started vaping with a Mistic cigalike. That was, in a word, terrible. But, it let me know that there was an alternative to smoking. Even though it let me know that there was an alternative, it didn't stick, and nothing changed.

Then, in November of last year, I found the Haus by Mistic. This is an eGo device with a 2 ml plastic tank and a 650 mAh battery. Somewhere, here, I've still got one. This was a game changer, although not necessarily in a great way. It allowed me to quit, but the lack of variety - they only have disposable tanks (although they hint at coil heads, I could not find them for sale) and 24 mg 100% PG e-liquids - almost led me back to smoking. I felt I had to replace the tanks far too often and did not know about replacing coil heads and the e-liquid was far too strong and gave me a roaring migraine. 

But I persisted, determined to quit smoking, and found other liquids and tanks with replaceable coil heads.

The second game changer came with the addition of a Kanger Subtank Mini. I won this tank in a contest hosted by Cactus E-Smokes (no link because they are going out of business due to non-smoking related health reasons) on the E-Cigarette Forum. I had publicly stated that I was NOT going to build and I was NOT going to collect mods. I was certain I was fine with the eGo, the iStick 20 I had upgraded to, and the replaceable coil heads in the Anyvape Davide BDC tank I had. But, a win is a win and I accepted it.

Progress: The eGo and a Kanger T3'D clearo,
the iStick and an Aspire Nautilus,
the Kanger Subtank Mini on a Maraxus Mech Mod,
and the Fogger 4.1 on the DNA 40 box. 
WOW! Switching from an eGo with a tiny clearomizer to a Kanger Subtank Mini - even with the 1.2 ohm coil (all my iStick 20 would fire) was like switching from a skateboard to a car. Immediately, I dropped my nicotine consumption from 18 mg to 6 mg (which kept my nicotine consumption about the same because I also began using more e-liquid).

Not only was the flavor more intense, and the vapor much stronger - cloudier - but the entire experience was better. The coils lasted longer and the tank holds more e-liquid. More than that, I felt I needed to learn to build so I could use the Kanger Subtank Mini's RBA deck.

I'd like to tell you that using an Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer or RDA is also a game changer. I suppose if I had gone from the eGo or iStick to an RDA, I might feel different. However, for me, the experience with an RDA was not so different than the experience I had with the RBA base in the Subtank, and I didn't have to tote a bottle with me. The RDA was not a game changer for me, but I still enjoy them at home - especially for tasting new e-liquids.

The latest game changer came in a little red aluminum box I picked up from a vendor on Facebook. The chip in the little red box is an Evolv DNA40 featuring Temperature Control (which PBusardo rightly calls Temperature Limiting). I had purchased some 30 gauge nickel wire to use as non-resistance wire in building an Ithaka RTA and I built an ultra-low resistance coil for the Kanger Subtank Mini (which now has .15 ohm nickel coils available), let it rest so the mod and the coil were both at the same temperature, and attached it. The little OLED screen asked me if it was a new coil or old one. I chose new. Five rapid clicks on the fire button, holding down the up and down buttons for a couple seconds, and I was greeted with a prompt to change the temperature. I set the device to 410-degrees, and began to vape.

Where the eGo and the iStick (and most other regulated mods) limit your vape to around 10 seconds, this mod does not. However, I never got a dry hit. The wick never gets singed. The tank doesn't get hot. The flavor does not get distorted. The vapor is very nice. If switching from the iStick and a clearomizer to the Subtank was like stepping from a skateboard to a car, then this was sliding into a performance tuned luxury automobile - it doesn't go too fast, so it's no muscle car, but it is a smoooooooth ride all the way there.

Game changer!