Friday, April 24, 2015

VAPEMAIL: Update for April 24, 2015

Today was a good day. It would have been a great day if  hadn't had a head cold, but that's life.

With nose dripping and head throbbing, I stumped out to the mail box as soon as the USPS tracking on my phone told me the packages had been delivered. I bundled all of the packages inside my coat to keep them from getting rained on and scuttled the football field length back to the house.

Once inside, I was like a kid on Christmas morning - with a drippy nose - tearing open packages with packing material flying everywhere.

Here's the rundown:

From my good friend at Cactus E-Smokes, I received the lion's share of the kit I am building for my mother.

From, I got a case and a packet of Kanger dual coils for mom.

From The Vape Mall, I got a sample pack of e-liquids to send off to my mom. The sampler included Bavarian Cream, French Coffee, French Vanilla, RY4X, and Tiramisu.

There was also a bit of kit for me and Stepdot in the mix. She got an automatic passthrough 808 eGo, a second 808 automatic eGo battery, a couple of 808 threaded eGo clearos from Smokeless Image, and about 50 ml of juice.

And I wasn't leaving myself out in the cold, either. I got a Big Buddha and a couple stone drip tips, and an Aspire Atlantis 5 ml glass extension from Cactus E-Smokes, a Kraken Genesis RTA and dimpled drip tip from VaporBeast, a Dovpo Safe Link gadget from, a Subtank V1 from FastTech (had to try 'em some day), and a couple sets of o-rings for the Kanger Subtanks (clear for the mini and what was supposed to be purple, but looks a little pinkish to me) from Sweet Vapes. Oh, yeah, and I got about 30 ml of juice, too.

There's that new volt ohms meter I mentioned in the last vapemail update snuck into this pic, then there are
five Kanger Dual Coil Heads, the five bottles of e-liquid from The Vape Mall. That's the
Aluminum Drip tip on the Octopus RDA on the Altoids V1 mod, Big Buddha is
perched on the Chi You Megan, the Dovpo Safe Link is nestled between the Black Stingray and
the Kanger Subtank Mini sporting the new clear o-rings.
Four of the EVOD 1000 mAh Spinner batteries are going to my mother
paired with four of the Kanger T3'D clearomizers. 
Those are new stone drip tips on the new Kraken Genesis RTA and the black Lemo RTA.

There's the new Kanger Subtank V1 with it's new pinkish-purple o-rings.
They were supposed to match the purple EFest Batteries I run in this.
The K-Box/Kanger Subtank combo can't be beat.
They're sitting in front of my mom's new case.
Off to the side, and shyly hiding from the camera is the Aspire Atlantis 5ml upgrade.

What did you get in your vapemail today?