Monday, April 13, 2015

VAPEMAIL: The hits just keep on coming!

I've not updated everyone on my Vapemail lately, and I've fallen behind. Tonight I will make amends!

There have been A LOT of deliveries in the past week. A little juice, a couple new mods, a couple new drippers, a couple new tanks.

And there's more coming! Hooray!

Back row: Lemo is perched on the new iStick 30, the Atlantis is atop my Maraxus mech, the Nautilus is setting on my old iStick 20, and the 22 mm cone on the new Chi You Megan fits the Kanger Subtank Mini perfectly.
Middle row: New juices from The Vape Mall.
Front row: Trident RDA clone, Tobeco DID Genesis atty, Caravella Genesis atty clone, and Helios RDA clone.

The RBA deck for the Atlantis as
envisioned by Anyvape sure is cute.
First up are two nice tanks I picked up in the classified section on the E-Cigarette Forum. Although I had been a Kanger fan because of the T3'D and EVOD2 I started out with, and the Kanger Subtank Mini I won from (also on ECF), and the Anyvape Davide's ability to take either Kanger or Aspire coils, I had never had a strong opinion of Aspire products. But, for the price, I felt I had to snag first the Nautilus along with 5 spare coils, and then the Atlantis. The kicker on the Atlantis was the announcement - again from Anyvape - that their SegaTank could take Atlantis coils AND came with an Atlantis compatible RBA deck. Some enterprising soul tore open the packages and sold the RBA decks as stand alone Atlantis decks, and I managed to snag one of those, too.

I know that everyone and their cousin has already reviewed the Aspire Nautilus and Atlantis, but I'm gonna do it again - with the RBA deck in the Atlantis. Watch for that soon.

Next to show up in the mail was a really great trade from another gentleman on the ECF (are you getting the idea you should be on ECF?). He sent me a bag of rayon, and two RDAs (a Helios clone, and a Trident clone). I gotta say that the Trident is a joy. The Helios? Well, me and the Helios are gonna have words... in a nutshell, it's finicky. Watch for reviews of those coming someday, too.

One of my favorite online vape shops, CactusESmokes, filled another order for me, and I found myself in possession of a beautiful, shiny, versatile Chi You Megan 26650 mod. Along with the mod came an Aspire Mini Vivi Nova, a Caravella Genesis atty, and a Tobeco DID Genesis atty, as well as a battery for the Chi You Megan.

Today, we received three more packages: There was a shiny silver iStick 30 for me from MVS, a suite of new Smokeless Image Volt batteries including a Volt Spinner and an Aspire style clearo for Stepdot, and another sample pack of juice from The Vape Mall featuring French Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow, Waffle, Honeysuckle, and Whipped Cream.

Finally, we made a detour on a broom stick run to visit a local brick and mortar. When I say local, I mean it was 60 miles out of the way but we were going in that general direction anyways. There, we grabbed some Kanger PT1 coils for Stepson, more Nautilus coils for me, a roll of 26 gauge kanthal, and a 30 ml bottle of an in house Peppermint Dream. I'd love to give you a link, but they don't have a website or Facebook page that I can find. They are located in Mountain Home, AR... look for Vapers Win.

There's another vape shop in Mountain Home, AR... we'll try that one next trip.

Coming tomorrow is a 120 ml bottle of Kracked Rocx from (an order which was apparently filled by Chicago Vapor Company).

I also ordered another 120 ml of Saturday Morning from what was perhaps a different Chicago Vapor Company using their Weekend Special.

And when it get's here, I'll let you know how it tastes.

Meanwhile, I'm waffling between buying a Heatvape Invader Mini or a Smok Xpro M80 Plus. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts...

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