Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The AA Battery Mod - JomoTech Iexpress2

When I started out vaping, it was with an eGo kit I picked up at WalMart. That opened eyes and doors. I started reading up on everything, searching Google and youTube. My appetite for vape knowledge was - is - voracious!

One of the first reviewers I stumbled across on YouTube was SteelJan. I was particularly impressed with her homemade mods. But, I figured I could never do that and I filed it away.

I later joined the E-Cigarette-Forum and met another member that used only homemade mods. She called her's Puck mods. I immediately pictured some round, flat device that might be sent scooting over the ice. I was wrong. The user directed me to the Puck E-Cig website where I got to again see homemade mods. Again, I filed it away.

Of course, I got over that fear. I built a mod. But it was not a Puck mod. It was an Altoids mod using an 18650 battery. Still, the idea of using off the shelf AA batteries appeals to me so much.

I was thrilled, then, when I found an AA battery powered mod on eBay. I snagged on in a heartbeat even though I knew - I just knew - I was going to be disappointed and that the device was going to be a joke, but I had to have it anyways.

I was wrong!

The JomoTech Iexpress2 sandwiched between my Bubba
Altoids mod and my iStick 30. The JomoTech is thinner than
either of them. It's got the Tobeco DID Genesis RTA on it.
What my (approximately) $9 got me in the mail on April 2, just three days after I made the purchase, was a small black plastic box with carbon fiber texturing rounded off on both sides. The top is flat with an eGo connector and firing button. The bottom is just flat. On one side is a slide down battery door and two whitish dots that serve no purpose I can discern. On the other side is a raised logo for JomoTech, and an LED. The blister pack also included 3 alkaline AA batteries and a CE4 clearomizer. Bonus!

In less time that it takes me to write this sentence (and I'm not a slow typist) I had the pack open the batteries installed, and the CE4 filled and (re)attached. After letting the wicks soak a minute, I tried a hit. At this point, I'm used to RDAs and Subtanks, so the draw was a little restrictive to say the least, but there was vapor!

There was flavor - more than you'd expect from a CE4, and there was throat hit (knowing that this was a CE4, and things might be a little on the tame side, I used some of my old 24 mg nicotine Juice). Oh, yeah, there was also a little green light letting me know I was pushing the button. A button that doesn't have any circuitry behind it and will not cut off after eight or ten seconds.

Of course, the CE4 is garbage. I took it off and set it aside and screwed on my Anyvape Davide tank. Aside from looking a little odd perched above the eGo connector with no vanity ring (which would not have helped much as small as this box is) the mod fired just as nicely on the installed 1.6 ohm Aspire BVC coil as it would on any other mod.

I decided to see how far I could go... Next up was the Octopus RDA is use for tasting. It's built as a single 1.6 ohm coil, so I already knew it would work fine, but I had to check anyways. I even set a Kanger Subtank Mini with a 1.3 ohm build in the RBA head on it, and again, it performed as you might expect it to on an eGo.

So how far can you go? At this point - and I've not used it as my only device, obviously - I have used two RDAs, one Genesis RTA, the Kanger Subtank Mini, the Davide, and the CE4 on it. With builds over 1.5, it's great. I've spent a few moments each evening vaping on it. As I write this, I am vaping with the device using the Tobeco DID Genesis RTA filled with The Vape Tree's Strawberry Ice Cream on a 2.2 ohm coil and rayon wick and THE SAME BATTERIES IT CAME WITH 13 DAYS AGO. It's weak, and I'm going to change the batteries today, but wow...

I was wrong when I prejudged this tiny thing, and I don't want you to take me wrong. This is not some monster mod and tank setup that will allow you to compete in cloud competitions. It's a replacement or upgrade for an eGo battery with incredible potential as a backup unit. Battery dead? Grab a pack of AA batteries from the nearest store and you're back to vaping. I think I'll keep this little unit, one tiny tank, and a bottle of juice in the glovebox of my car.