Tuesday, April 7, 2015

REVIEW: Hazelnut Coffee from The Vape Mall

All opinions are mine and taste is subjective, so there!

I bought this juice from The Vape Mall in a nicely priced sample pack in December. I've been buying it ever since. In fact, I don't think I've ever even put a different juice in my Kanger Subtank Mini. It's that good.

I didn't buy this juice based on it's packaging. I didn't win it in a contest. I didn't hear great things about it in a review either from a friend or on the internet. I bought this juice because it was cheap, and I was broke. In fact, The Vape Mall was recently included in a list of the top five lowest price juice suppliers in the nation.

Why cheap? As a self-employed craftsperson, I am a bit broke in the winter months. OK, I'm a lot broke.

An added bonus, I thought, was their location in a neighboring state. Maybe, I could get cheaper shipping options and still get the juice in a reasonable time. That's not always the case, but I blame that on the USPS and not this vendor.

There are option on the site for plastic or glass bottles. I have chosen plastic every time. I prefer glass, but I prefer cheap and the glass adds $2 on a 30 ml bottle. The labelling is adequate, but not flashy, as one might expect from a company working to keep their prices as low as possible. On the smaller 17 ml bottles the label provides the name of the company, the flavor of the juice, a website address, "Made in the USA," ingredients, directions for use ("shake well"), and adequate nicotine warnings. A smaller stick-on label tells you the VG/PG ratio and the nic level. No where does it tell you what size the bottle is - you'll just have to remember what size you bought or compare it to other bottles. The large and medium bottle carries the exact same information in a larger format. The larger labels appear to be printed on an inkjet as they ran when I got a little juice on them. The smaller labels appear to be pre-printed as they do not smudge, but will wear over time. On top of the smaller bottles is a fairly long and pointy drip tip under a childproof cap.

The Flavor
One of my favorite restaurant style beverages is an iced coffee, no sweetener, with hazelnut flavoring and cream. This is IMPOSSIBLE to find because all hazelnut flavorings at restaurants are in sweetened syrup. This juice actually comes closer to an unsweetened hazelnut coffee with cream than any restaurant. The slightly bitter coffee flavor hits just the right spot at the back of the throat while the nutty sweetness of the hazelnuts tickle the tip of the tongue. In fact, I've taken to taken really long hits and rolling the drip tip around in my mouth to get the flavor just everywhere. There is a decent cream on the exhale, too.

The scent is also(almost) reminiscent of coffee and hazelnuts and that's a scent that I like. Almost? Yeah, there's a hint of chemical in the scent that I do not get in the taste. The vapor is relatively unscented, although if you vape enough in an enclosed space, there is a little hint of the same scent you get from the bottle. My better half has never complained except the one time I accidentally exhaled in her direction. She's also never complimented this one the way she complimented the Boosted juice, and she likes hazelnut coffee with cream, too.

Even though this is a coffee juice, the color is a medium amber and it doesn't gunk up the coils too bad. I typically re-wick weekly and have never had a problem with the juice.

The Price
This juice is available online from The Vape Mall in the following price points and sizes.

  1. 5 ml for $2.99
  2. 17 ml plastic for $5.99
  3.  17 ml glass with dropper for $7.99
  4. 32 ml plastic for $7.99
  5. 32 ml glass and dropper for $9.99
  6. 70 ml plastic for $11.99
  7. 125 ml for $19.99
  8. 260 ml for $39.99
  9. 500 ml for $59.99
Nicotine is available from 0% to 30% in 3% increments, and the ratios are listed as 
  • Max VG
  • 25 PG/75 VG
  • 40 PG/60 VG
  • 50/50
  • 60 PG/40 VG
  • 75 PG/25 VG
  • 100% PG
Shipping is pretty standard, but there is an insurance option I recommend you get if you choose first class. Insurance is included with the priority shipping.

Even though I'm about 100 miles away, it takes about 3 business days to get here via USPS first class mail and comes in a padded envelope. The bottles are also bubble wrapped. I've never had a busted order.

The Verdict
Will I buy this again? Over and over! I have half a 70 ml bottle at my side right now and one full Kanger Subtank Mini. That tank will be empty tomorrow morning.
  • Packaging - 7/10 All the info, some even in duplicate, with childproof caps with the annoyance of no amount and labels that smudge or run if the get wet.
  • Scent - 9/10 - Nice, but not overpowering or astounding. Subtle
  • Taste - 10/10 - Hands down, my favorite all day vape or something I can fall back on if the others vapes mess up my taste buds.
  • Vapor - 10/10 I've been ordering a 50/50 @ 6% nic, so the throat hit and vapor have been just so-so. However, it's more than sufficient for me.
  • An extra point for being very affordable +1
  • An extra point for great customer service. The first order I placed, I accidentally clicked the insurance button twice. I called and instead of mucking about with a chargeback, they threw in another bottle of juice. +1
  • FINAL - 9.5/10 SOLID!
Note: I started with their sample pack, which is an outstanding value. Out of that sample pack, I found my ADV, and my Stepdot found her first two favorites.