Saturday, April 11, 2015

From Zero to Hero

When I started vaping, I didn't know enough not to make myself sick. I spent a weekend in bed with a headache the size of the national debt. When I did open my eyes, it was to research and find out why I had this headache.

Turns out that it was nicotine and dehydration. I was taking in a lot more nicotine that I had when I was smoking because I could vape whenever and wherever I wanted and it tasted so good. It didn't help that I was limited to 2.4 mg nicotine e-juice, but that was all that was available in my little town when I started. I was also putting out a lot of water in the form of vapor and not taking any more than I usually did back in.

That, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

A couple aspirin, a trip to a B&M for some lower nicotine e-liquid, a gallon of Gatorade, and I was back in business!

Today, I find I am in the unique position of being an adviser to people that want to stop smoking or that have stopped (mostly) and are having issues with vaping.

For instance, two days ago, I got a Facebook message. One of my friends was not getting any vapor from her eGo. I grabbed my kit and headed out the door. When I arrived I was dismayed to find her smoking. The problem was simple to fix. for some reason, her coil head in the Protank II she was using on her eGo battery was not screwed in all the way. In fact, when I took the tank apart to inspect it, the coil head stayed behind. A few twists later, and she was back in business. She looked at my kit and asked after some of the mods I had in there. I gladly showed them to her, and she ended up buying one from me really cheaply (battery, charger, mod, tank for about $25). I did not want to see her smoking again, and I knew she would if she did not have a backup.

My stepdaughter and stepson both smoked. In fact, the last time I quit smoking I went back because of them - they smoked in my shop and the smell was maddening. When I took up vaping and bought my second kit, I gave my first setup to my stepson. My stepdaughter didn't want to fiddle with buttons and tanks, so I set her up with a cigalike kit from Smokeless Image. We're all quit now, and happier for it.

I work in a very public place and although vaping is not disallowed, I prefer not to be terribly public about it as it can generate negative comments. Yesterday, while sitting in a break area and stealth vaping, another member of the staff approached me and started asking questions. Where did you get that? How much does it cost? Did it really help you stop smoking? How does it taste? You know, the usual... When she left, she was talking to her husband on the phone about making a trip to the local brick and mortar to get set up.

Who have you helped to quit?