Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why this site?

Once I had decided to give up smoking and take up vaping, I discovered I did not know everything I needed to know. All I was able to find were the products available in gas stations, and grocery stores. I didn't even know where to look. Google wasn't even a lot of help in this endeavor because, without a minimal grasp of the jargon used by vapers when vaping, there are no search terms to type in. Making the process more difficult is the number of what I can only assume are paid review sites that use non-jargon terms.

A simple search of the term "e-cigarette" will produce pages upon pages of links. Many of them are to slick websites with glowing reviews for product X, but upon trying product X you may realize you were fooled. There are also scams that offer you a free trial and bury the fact that the age verification they use - your credit card number - is also a subscription consent and that you'll be receiving terrible products monthly at exorbitant prices.

Perhaps you're lucky enough to live near a vape shop. I do not. However, when I travelled to vape shops in the region, I often (not always, and I'll be reviewing shops I visit, too) felt pressured into purchasing equipment I was not ready for at prices I could not afford.

I was told to turn to YouTube for reviews, and I did. However, most of the reviews used jargon and acronyms that were far beyond my understanding. When first starting out, I couldn't have told an ABC from an RBA. Sentences such as "I'm dripping .6 max VG into an RDA on a dual series 18650 mech box mod  rigged to run at .2 using a Clapton coil and KGD" were about as understandable as Greek. Never mind that one of the reviewers I came across is Greek! One of them had pictures of his oscilloscope attached to a device, for crying out loud.

At the time that I started, I didn't know the difference between 2.4%, 24mg and .6% or 6mg. I suffered through a migraine class headache due to that lack of knowledge. Nicotine poisoning is real and it can happen even to a smoker.

If it hadn't been for the E-Cigarette-Forum, I might have given up and bought another carton of cigarettes. However, through the helpfulness of that community and others that I have found along the way,
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