Monday, March 9, 2015

Vape update


Today, I received a Hades 26650 mechanical mod, a Tobh 3.0 26650 RDA, a Plume Veil 26650 RDA, and an eLeaf Lemo RTA in black. Buried in the package were 2 Vape Safe Fuses. These items all came from one of my favorite vendors: Cactus E-Smokes. Disclaimer? Yeah, I won one of the items, was surprised by 2 of the items, and paid for one of the items. The fuses are just because the owner cares about his clients and doesn't want them blowing their faces off or lighting their house on fire.

Along with the hardware, I also received a 30 ml bottle of Cafe Mocha from Halo (also a win) and a 70 ml bottle of Hazelnut Coffee juice from The Vape Mall (bought and paid for).

Kinda felt like Christmas all over again! Just without the family reunions and the pine tree and decorations. And no overeating... mmmm pie...

You can expect reviews of these products in the near future.


Meanwhile, and thinking about new gear, I ran into a somewhat commonly seen question in one of the forums I frequent. A person posted a link to an eBay auction for a device, batteries, and tank. The device, decorated with a wrap, was underpowered and overpriced by today's standards. The tank was a piece of garbage. The batteries in kits like this are almost always questionable, and the charger was just as bad. Dozens of people offered sage advice, and that advice was shot down one after another after another. I asked if it was the device itself, the decoration, or the price before offering a far more powerful, yet just as sleek and stylish kit. That finally brought the truth bubbling up: they had already decided to get that kit and were looking for approval of some sort.

When it comes to vaping, don't look for approval, and don't try to keep up. Find something that keeps you off of cigarettes and be happy. It doesn't matter if it's an authentic $225 stacked 26650 Staff of Agamemnon with an authentic $80 Patriot RDA, or a $15 gas station "hookah pen." If it's keeping you off of cigarettes and you're happy with it, go for it.