Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vape routines

Do you have a vape routine?

When starting into the world of vaping and leaving the world of the smoker, it helps to develop and stick to a routine. Chances are, you had a routine as a smoker. Why not start a new routine as a vaper?

For me, I have several schedules I keep. Maybe one of these schedules will help you develop one of your own.

  1. Daily
    1. I check my tanks and fill as needed. On any give day, I may use between one and eight tanks. No. I don't vape that much... I probably only empty one tank a day. for me, this happens in the morning as part of my getting ready for the day ritual. This is time that I used to spend outdoors on the porch smoking a cigarette or pipe.
    2. I check my batteries and recharge those that are getting low. I do this in the evening and pull the batteries off the charger before going to bed. NEVER leave batteries on a charger unattended for long periods of time - even if it's an intelligent charger.
    3. I taste the juice or juices that might have arrived in vapemail that day.
      1. This means that I clean, dry burn and rewick at least one of my drippers, and maybe clean and tuck a fresh coil into a tank. 
    4. I scan the news feeds for relevant information. This means watching a video or two and reading an article or 12 while the rest of the family watches something on Netflix.
    5. I spend way, way too much time browsing the web and drooling over new mods.
  2. Weekly
    1. I clean my tanks and rewick or recoil them as needed. 
    2. I do a quick inventory of my juice, wire, wick and coil heads and order new if needed.
  3. Monthly
    1. I ask the wife to allocate more money to my vape budget.
OK, so I don't really have a monthly to do item. Really...

Coming soon, I'll have to add a modding session to the routine. I picked up a soldering iron, wire, solder, a soldering station with magnifying glass, iron stand, helping hands, and solder cleaner, shrink tubing, and a tin of Altoids... You can guess what's coming next...

Most all of these tasks take up the time I would have spent outside smoking. I vape inside and am healthier in more ways than one for that privilege.

Do you have a vaping routine? Tell me about it in the comments.