Monday, March 23, 2015

REVIEW: The Vape Tree's Chocolate Tiramisu Juice

First, let's get the disclaimers out of the way:

  • I won this juice in a contest, but this does not influence my review.
  • Everyone's tastes are different and the following is just my opinion.
Got that?

Chocolate Tiramisu


The Vape Tree

I joined the E-Cigarette-Forum back in January and added my 20 posts thinking I might find some decent information out there. After all, it states that it's the "world's largest e-cigarette website" and the "voice of vaping since 2007." I was not disappointed. I not only found information, but I also found friendship, support, encouragement, and contests. Lots of contests.

The first contest I won on the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) was for juice from The Vape Tree. I selected three flavors from the roughly 43 available. It was a hard choice as most of the flavors looked good. Looks aren't everything and I waited by the mailbox for the package to arrive.

When it arrived, I found not three 15 ml bottles, but four!

Have I mentioned that the folks on the ECF are also quite generous as well as knowledgable? 

The flavors I ordered were Chocolate Tiramisu, Butterscotch, and The Banyan Tree, The freebie was called RWhy4. I'll do reviews of all of them as I use them, but know in advance that I think they're all quite good!

As with the Halo review I posted last week, I'll start with the packaging. I'm sorry to say that it's not quite as slick and it's obvious that this is a smaller operation.However, The Vape Tree's prices are also a bit better. Still, it's clearly marked with the company name, the flavor, the nicotine level, is in a child resistant bottle, and has a decent dropper spout on it. I would like to see some sort of security seal, and a warning label. I think those things are going to become a requirement and we might as well beat the government to the punch... it'll soften the blow.

Mini vaperant time: I know that steeping is likely going to be a
fact of life for vapers for the foreseeable future. I hate it!
When I buy something I want to use it immediately whether it's a bottle of juice
or a stick of gum or a car.
I do not want to be told that I have to park the car
in the garage for a month before driving it.
I do not want to hear that I have to leave the stick of gum
sitting on my nightstand for a week before chewing it.
Why should I have to wait a week or a month for my juice to be ready?

OK, I feel better now...

Somewhere I cannot locate, I read that the juice is pre-steeped. I have no idea how this can be done unless large batches are made in advance and aged. My lack of understanding notwithstanding, this juice was ready the moment I broke the seal. The scent was of rich chocolate with hints of coffee, cream and pastry. Maybe a bit of cinnamon, too. In my opinion, the smell was spot on.

The taste was just as good. As before, I tried some in a freshly coiled and wicked dripper (a Tobh v3.0 on Hades 26650 mech mod), a few drops went into the Octopus RDA (again, not cleaned, but dry burned). I did not use the carto when tasting this one (those cartos ain't cheap, y'know... not if I have to use a fresh one every time I taste a juice and there are 16 juices sitting in front of me right now). I also did not put a dropper-full into a tank. There's a reason for that... I was so impressed with the flavor coming off of the Tobh (a single, 1.2 Ohm diamond build - with thanks to Rip Trippers and Slowone2 on ECF), that I immediately ripped apart the Lemo, threw a new 1.2 ohm coil and fresh wick in it, and filled it up with Chocolate Tiramisu. That has been my go to all day vape for the past two days... and, it's almost gone. I'm hoarding the rest for tiny tastes in my dripper.

Would I buy it again?

You betcha!
  • Packaging - 7/10 Needs a little work, but all the info is there.
  • Scent - 10/10 Coffee and chocolate and cream with a hint of pastry - just what it should have been.
  • Taste - 10/10 Quickly became my all-day vape!
  • Vapor - 8/10  
  • FINAL - 8.75/10 a B+
This juice is available from the Vape Tree.

A note on vapor: Last time I did a note on throat hit and said it's subjective. Vapor is less subjective, but is dependant on the coil, the wattage, the wick, the juice, and the lung capacity of the vaper. I'm not a cloud chaser, I'm a flavor junkie capable of blowing a cloud from time to time. As such, and to keep things as close to an even keel as I can, I order all the juices I intend to review with a 50/50 VG/PG blend. I kind of think of this as a baseline. VG will produce bigger clouds, but the flavors can be muted. PG can produce stronger flavors, but the clouds are a little thin. And, some folks have sensitivities to one or the other. I know I can't please everyone all the time, so I chose the middle of the road. Your mileage may vary.


  1. Please recommend for me the best coffee liquid you tried.

    1. I really, really, really enjoyed Barista Brew Co Salted Caramel Macchiato. Oddly enough, it was The Vape Mall's Hazelnut Coffee that got me off the stinkies...