Friday, March 27, 2015

REVIEW: The Vape Tree's Chai Tree

I do believe I've found my new all day vape!

Today I received VapeMail! There were a couple 808 D1 clearomizers from GotVapes for my stepdaughter, some fresh rolls of Kanthal from Lightning Vapes for me, and 4 bottles of juice from the Vape Tree.

Yep, I won these in a contest on the E-Cigarette Forum. Nope, that will not change the way I review them.

That said, it should be obvious from the opening line that I am loving this new juice.

There haven't been any changes in the packaging or the labelling since I last reviewed juice from this company. It still runs a little towards the basic side being in a somewhat childproof plastic bottle with a drip spout tip. The label is simple, but has most of the needed information: the company name, the flavor, the nic level. It's still missing any kind of warning which, as you know, I think should be there and will be required in the near future.

Upon opening the bottle I was a wee bit confused. I was expecting a tea scent, and this is a little spicier, but it was a spice I couldn't put my finger on... peppery, but sweet. The color is not too dark - a middle of the road amber - so I am not terribly concerned with coil gunking.

I cleaned out my two testing drippers. For tonight that means a new coil and wick in my little Octopus RDA from GotVapes which is mounted on a K100 from RAO Vapes in Little Rock, and a new wick in my copper EHPro LB on top of a matching Copper Overdose from MadVapes. The LB is running at 1.0 ohms (most of my builds run in the 1 ohm range so I can put the atomizer on my iStick 20). I built the Octopus to 2.1 ohms to mimic what you might get in a typical clearomizer or cartomizer. The airflow on the Octopus is about that tight, too. I also dripped a bit in my 26650 Plume Veil on top of my Hades both from CactusESmokes. The Plume Veil is built to 1.6 ohms, but it's using the diamond coil which is a whole 'nother can of worms. I also threw a ml or two into my Rocket RTA.

All of the devices, this time, were wicked with cotton. Most were from organic cotton balls. The Octopus was wicked with Organic Japanese Cotton.

Across all of the drippers, this juice tastes great and is very similar. There appear to be no high notes, and no muted undertones between one dripper and another. The flavor is a little more concentrated in the Rocket RTA, but I think that's to be expected.

The flavor is that of a chai tea, easy on the milk. Exactly like I like it. My stepdaughter thinks it might be a little too peppery for her, but finds it acceptable.The scent of the vapor is also very nice - fresh without being fruity or flowery. My non-vaping, non-smoking wife hasn't commented on it - and that's a good thing.

Would I buy this? Next payday, I am going to!
  • Packaging - 7/10 No change from the last Vape Tree review.
  • Scent - 10/10 A mellow scent with a trace of unidentifiable spice.
  • Taste - 10/10 An all day vape for me if ever I had one! Absolutely first rate.
  • Vapor - 8/10  
  • FINAL - 8.75/10 another B+ and would have been an A if not for the packaging.
This juice is available from the Vape Tree.

Does this reviews note get a footnote? Yep. You see that I've mentioned my stepdaughter in here. We have an arrangement, she and I. I order juice for her. If she likes it, she'll let me review it, and then  keeps it. If she doesn't like it or can't all-day-vape it, she gives it back to me. I have more than 30 partially used bottles to vape on and I rarely order juice for myself anymore.

Hey, don't laugh. It works...