Monday, March 30, 2015


The LB RDA is a no logo clone of the well known Little Boy RDA. I won this from MadVapes in a contest, but that does not have any bearing on this review. All opinions are subjective in nature.

Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at the LB RDA.

Quad coil, two per side, with the wick pulled over the top center post.

In the very nice presentation box is the two-piece cap, the RBA base, a 510 adapter for the drip tip, a stainless steel drip tip, and a delrin chuff cap along with some wires, some silica rope, and the ubiquitous blue screwdriver.

This is an 18650 RDA meaning it's the around 22 mm in diameter and will work nicely on your straight sided 18650 mods. It works great on my 26650 mod, but looks a bit off. The cap has three slots for airflow which can be adjusted from nothing to full on vortex with a simple twist. The top of the cap is threaded and can be taken off. The three slots in the cap allow this dripper to be set up in single-sided mode using one or two coils on one side, or in double-sided mode to get airflow to both sides for double or quad coil setups. Under the cap there is a shallow drip well (the MadVapes website says it's a deep drip well, but it's shallow compared to some others. Deeper, however, than the Octopus which has no drip well and relies on the wick alone), and three posts. The posts have catch holes and phillips threaded screws on top. I've always used the holes on this one, but I see no reason you couldn't catch the wire with the heads of the screws. I've run this in single sided mode up until three days ago when I dropped a quad coil setup into it.

Building coils in this device is quite easy. Coil the wire, poke the legs into the holes, tighten screws, wick, and you're done. The drip well is shallow enough that access to the post holes is relatively clear and the three post design and three slotted cap offer a lot of coil building options, too. It will accept anything from a single coil using 34 gauge wire up to a quad coil using 26 gauge wire... probably more, but that's all I've run through it. The screws are flat bottomed and have not clipped any wire when I've tightened them down unlike some other atomizers that have the annoying habit of cutting the wires unless you're very gentle.

Currently, it's set up with 4 coils of 30 gauge at 7 wraps on a 2 mm screwdriver. The multimeter says it's .6 ohms. My iStick says it's .5 ohms. The previous build had been a dual coil with 26 gauge 8 wraps on a 2.4 mm screwdriver and came in at .5 ohms. Prior to that, there was a 28 gauge, 8 wrap on a 2.4 mm screwdriver single coil running at 1.0 ohms.

All of the builds have performed admirably. The current build, however, is a winner. The wicks are fed through one coil, over the top of the center post, and back through the other coil diagonally opposed to the original one. Vapor AND flavor... first hit nearly put me on the floor!

Enough of that. What do I think of it?

It's a great little unit, and I would certainly purchase it. I like this a bit better than the Tobh v3 and Plume Veil 26650 as it provides a warmer vape. I definitely like it better than the Octopus which has a very tight, non-adjustable airflow. The only thing I do not like is the threaded top of the cap. It would be easier to drip and adjust if the top of the cap came off without unscrewing every time.
  • Finish 10/10 - It's copper and it's pretty and the patina that will build over time will make it a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Form 10/10 - The three slot airflow adjustment is awesome allowing almost infinite adjustment and lot's of air. The three post deck is very easy to use.
  • Function 9/10 - I with I could just pull off the top. As it is, I pull off the entire cap and have to realign the air slots every time
  • Final - 96.7/10 A solid A+