Saturday, March 28, 2015

REVIEW: EHPro Copper Overdose mech mod

As usual, I'll open this with the disclaimer: I won this device in a contest on the E-Cigarette Forums, but that does not alter my review either way. This review is solely my opinion, and your mileage may vary.

I won this kit on February 20. MadVapes, LLC (and they're having a 15% off March Madness Sale going on as I write this) confirmed the win on February 22, and I had shipping notification on February 23. The kit arrived on February 25.

That was fast turnaround for a freebie. Color me impressed.

I mentioned on the forum when I won that I was excited as this was the first RDA in my collection. Lo and behold, an extra 30 ml of vanilla dripper's juice was in the box, too.

That's incredible customer service for a freebie. Color me... um, what's more than impressed? Well, whatever it is, you can color me that, too...

In the kit was a solid copper mod, the Copper Overdose by EHPro, and a perfectly matching EHPro LB (Little Boy clone) RDA, a set of two PVT SO 18650 batteries, an eFest Luc 2 charger, 100 ml of vanilla latte juice, and 30 ml of vanilla max VG juice. This was quite the win, and I was stunned, as I've mentioned before, by MadVapes' generosity, speed, and customer service.

I am now a customer!

The mod, however, is not for the faint of heart. Being solid copper, the conductivity is great. It has a lot of weight and feels great in the hand. There is a reverse locking ring on the bottom and an adjustable positive contact up top. The button at the bottom is also adjustable.

And, therein lies the problem.

Without documentation, it took me several days of futzing about to get the mod to operate as intended. Initially, not knowing about the adjustable positive pin, I was worried about the battery as it did not feel secure and would rattle back and forth. The button being adjustable came off more than once while I was trying to get things adjusted. The center pin of the 510 connector is not adjustable and is not floating and I have one or two atomizers that just refuse to work on the mod. Then there's the weight which, while it feels good and solid in the hand, is not tolerated by the spring in the firing button. NEVER sit this mod down without locking it. I did that once, and learned a hard lesson when I came back into the room to find the device still firing and EXTREMELY hot. The website says that it has a recessed button, and with fiddling and screwing it can become almost fully recessed. However, every time I fire it with my left hand, I feel as though I am unscrewing it. By comparison, I have 4 other mech mods that have lighter bodies and heavier springs or fully recessed buttons and no locking ring and allow you to set them down without locking, something I DO NOT recommend and a practice I am trying to break myself of. That said, if you're chain vaping, spinning the collar every time you want to take a puff is a little annoying, and most things I do require two hands.

Now, one month down the road, I've got it all adjusted just right, and I know which atomizers will work and which will not, and I know to lock it every time I sit it down, and I genuinely like it.

I just wish it had come with a little documentation that would help a beginner use the device without problems.

Would I buy this mod again? Not as a beginner. As an experienced vaper (how rich is that? In one month, I've gone from beginner in my mind to experienced) familiar with the ins and outs and adjustments of mech mods, yes.

  • Finish 10/10 - It's copper and it's pretty and the patina that will build over time will make it a one-of-a-kind piece. The threading is smooth.
  • Form 10/10 - Heavy and somehow comforting. Smooth enough to comfortably hold on to, ridged and engraved enough that you don't feel like it's about to slide out of your hand.
  • Function 6/10 - Once adjusted, it's a great mod that will fire almost any atomizer I have. Getting it to that point will test an impatient vaper's patience. The firing spring, I feel, should be heavier or the button further recessed to prevent autofiring if and when a person is careless enough to set it down without locking.
  • Final - 86.7/10 A nice B

Yep, it's time for another note. Whereas I am no where near as advanced as many other vapers on the planet, I do consider myself a quick study with a voracious appetite for information. since taking up vaping 125 days ago (at the time of this writing), I have progressed from eGo kits bought at the local supermarket to a series of mech mods and VV/VW box mods. I have gone from buying a throwaway CE4 every couple days to building or rebuilding everything I can get my hands on from one of my stepdot's 808 clearomizers to a Kanger BDC head and up to a dual diamond coil in an RDA. I started out with nothing and now my tools and stash take up a four-drawer filing cabinet - cotton filed under C and kanthal filed under W (for wire), etc. I've built my own mech mods... Am I advanced? Enh... I ain't no spring chicken and this ain't my first rodeo...