Wednesday, March 11, 2015

REVIEW: Hades 26650 mod (clone)

UPDATED March 14, 2015

There are folks that have heard me say, more than once, that I get really annoyed by vape reviewers that intro every mod that they review with the phrase "this thing hits like a beast." Yeah, vape reviewers, you know who you are...

The Hades mod hits like a beast.

Alright, ya got me. Read on, though, there's more.

The Hades mod is a 26650 mod I purchased from one of my favorite shops - CactusESmokes - with a maximum diameter of 31 mm and a minimum diameter of 28.7 mm. It is 98 mm tall, and weighs in, without battery, at 146 grams. Insert a 26650 battery, and it weighs around 225 grams depending on the battery. Add a tank, RTA or RDA and you could be pushing 320 mg and 190 mm. As far as mods go, this has some serious heft. I still don't find it terribly uncomfortable to hold, fire, or tuck in my shirt pocket for a short trip.

The finish on the unit I am using is mirror-bright stainless steel throughout. This mod is also available in a two-tone brass and steel finish, an all copper version, and a black and stainless finish.

The diameter of the 510 connector on top is 28.7 mm, but has an inner ring at 22 mm. It actually looks pretty good with 22 mm atomizers. I've even thrown a small 16 mm dripper on it, and didn't think it looked bad. It didn't look good, but not bad, either. That might have had something to do with the gold anodized aluminum finish of the RDA contrasting with the polished stainless finish of the mod.

The clone cones with a spring-style bottom positioned button switch. On the bottom of the button is the logo. On mine, the logo is a mirror finish with a sandblasted finish around it I've heard some say that the logo is black. The authentic version comes with a spring-style button AND a set of batteries that can be switched out. Reviewer after reviewer have said that the stock button is hard to push and the magnetic switch is even harder. I am having no such issues with this clone and can fire it with my pinky on either hand. The switch does, however, feel a bit "crunchy" every once in a while when it misses the mark or you don't push it straight in. Interesting discovery - the switch is adjustable and, once adjusted, is as smooth as silk.

There is a grooved, reverse threaded locking ring above the switch. It's very easy to operate and very smooth - three flicks of a finger will spin it to lock or unlock. The locking ring is vital. With a mod this size, you DO NOT want to set it down without engaging the locking ring as the weight will cause it to fire continuously and can cause serious damage to your mod, your atomizer, and yourself.

The 510 connector on top features an adjustable center pin for both the atomizer and the battery. The Authentic shipped with a spring mounted pin and most said to remove the pin. The clone came without the spring loaded pin and features just a screw that can be spun up or down to properly fit your battery. The contacts appear to be silver plated as was the original.

Along the side, towards the bottom, there are 6 grooves cut into the flared base of the mod, and cut all the way to the battery compartment to allow for venting. In the process, it allows the battery to be seen. It lends a spot of color to the shiny exterior.

I have tried this mod with a Kanger Subtank Mini, The Tobh v.3 (a 28.7 mm RDA designed for this size mod), a 26650 Plume Veil RDA, an Octopus mini RDA, and a Rocket RTA. All functioned flawlessly, but the Kanger did not quite want to mount flush. Tonight, I'm set up with some very nice 6mg Vanilla Dripping Juice (courtesy of a win from MadVapes), dripping into The Tobh V.3 (courtesy of CactusESmokes) which I've built to 0.8 ohms, dual coil. At this point - 28 hours on this battery, and running almost exclusively just this mod - the battery is just starting to show some fatigue.

But it hits like a beast? It is a beast, and no mistake. However, and this applies to almost all mods, it isn't typically the mod that is hitting hard. It's the battery. A quality, properly charged battery will help any mod more than a run down battery. Where different mods come into this equation is in the voltage drop. A mod with poor connections will lose voltage between the battery and the atomizer. Your mod may say you're pushing 4.2 volts, but if you're losing a volt due to bad connections... well... that's a bad mod. This mod has a very low voltage drop allowing it to make the most of that huge 26650 battery. With average usage this mod, using a quality, properly charged battery should last you several days.

Would I buy this mod again? In a heartbeat!

  • Finish 10/10 - It's shiny and beautiful with an eye catching design and logo. The hints of color from the battery really stand out. The threading is silky smooth.
  • Form 10/10 - Although it's huge, it's not HUGE. Fits comfortably in my hand.
  • Function 98/10 - The "crunchy" switch and the screw style adjustments are not my favorite.
  • Final - 9.39.7/10 Rock Solid
I would really like to tell you that you could get it at CactusESmokes but I apparently bought the last one (however, he still has lots of mech mods and 26650 atomizers at incredible prices during a Winter Sale going on now), and I could not find it on MadVapes either. My third stop was VapeNW where they were available for $26.99. Venerable Vaping has the copper model for $31.99.

Remember when you're shopping that this is a 26650 mod - make sure you pick up an appropriate battery. In a pinch, you can grab a battery sleeve that will allow you to use an 18650 battery. Also check out the vendor's selection of 26650 atomizers to get a nice clean look.